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Learn about interior and architectural design in universities

Learn about interior and architectural design in universities

Date: 2023/04/13


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A general idea of ​​the interior design major

The interior design major in universities is one of the disciplines responsible for the interior design of buildings and facilities. Interior design is closely related to architecture. It is also known as environmental design or decorative engineering, although there are significant differences between them. Environmental design is concerned with designing all aspects of the surrounding environment in an enjoyable way. It is also concerned with designing and planning spaces and interior spaces that meet people's needs.

 What is interior design

Design is a blueprint for the work that is supposed to be directed by the manager, business owner, or owner of knowledge to those who work with him.

Design as a name used either for a final plan (eg, drawing, model, description) or the result of implementing that plan in the form of the final product of the design process. The final product can be anything from socks and jewelry to graphical user interfaces and diagrams, even imaginative ideas like Corporate identity and cultural traditions such as the celebration of certain holidays (sometimes designed in general) were also treated as design products, and this gave the term process design a new meaning.

The person who designs is called a “designer”, which is also a term for people who work professionally in one of the different fields of design and usually refer to the subject they are dealing with (for example, concept or web design often requires the designer to take into account aesthetic, functional, and many other aspects of an object or process, usually requiring a great deal of research, thought, modeling, interactive customization, and redesign)

Interior design is defined as the art of planning, designing, and beautifying human-made spaces. This field is closely related to architecture. Although there has been a clear interest in the aesthetics and design of places throughout the ages; However, the field of interior design is still relatively young, and it is worth noting that the name interior decoration was given to it in the past, which was loose and lacked specification, which led specialists to use a more accurate term, so it was called interior design, which is known in some European countries as interior architecture. .


What are the advantages of studying interior design?

The interior design major is one of the required majors, as the specialist can obtain rewarding salaries immediately after graduation, and the possibility of self-employment is available in it to a large degree, and the specialist can run his own projects, and it also helps those around us to choose the appropriate designs and decorations for them, and the most beautiful What is in it is that the specialist can create his perceptions and experiences in his home.


What are the fields of work for a graduate in interior design?

The interior design specialization sector is one of the sectors rich in job opportunities, and among the most important jobs in which a graduate in the interior design specialization can work:

  • Design studios.
  • Lighting design or home lighting
  • Kitchen design
  • Private office design.
  • Engineering office design.
  • Furniture arrangement design
  • Interior design
  • Design of contracting companies.
  • Work in advertising design.
  • sustainable design areas
  • Architecture and design offices.
  • Engineering consulting firms.

Turkey The study of interior design in Turkish universities is a vital discipline, as interior design is of great importance to Turkish taste. Whether it is in their homes or in their factories and various facilities, which makes the student in Turkey practically surrounded by all practical and artistic aspects that include the basics of drawing and coloring, reducing spaces and choosing appropriate materials, in addition to the presence of qualified cadres in universities, and the large number of applications offered by Turkish universities.


Universities architectural design

Architectural design is the implementation of the external and internal shape of buildings in a manner that is commensurate with their purpose and provides the best experience for living and moving around in them. education institution; What necessitates building a good building that accommodates the large number of people in it and serves them in all respects. On the other hand, the design of universities must be attractive, comfortable and motivating.


Campus design : It is the long-term planning for the physical and architectural environment of the institution of higher education to ensure the best use of the land to achieve the goal of universities. This plan must cover the open space of the university, buildings, traffic, service facilities, and corridors.


General principles of architectural design and interior design of the university campus


  • The ability to arrange the buildings and facilities of the university campus in a practical way that facilitates movement and use, to ensure positive interactions between academic, research, communication, cultural and operational activities.
  • Protecting and enhancing the beauty of the university campus . Despite the importance of the practical part, the art of architecture is concerned with the aesthetic aspect of structures and buildings.
  • Improve safety and facilitate risk management in the event of any emergency situations.
  • The architectural and visual cohesion of the university must be preserved.
  • Structures and outdoor and indoor spaces that have historical, architectural or environmental significance must be preserved.
  • Social and environmental facilities such as child care, food services and recycling facilities must be given the utmost importance.
  • Environmental preservation must be ensured on campus; Whether with the materials used in design and construction or facilitating the preservation of the environment within the university campus.
  • The best architectural, planning and landscaping qualities on campus must be preserved and built upon rather than removed.
  • Familiarity with modern software requirements, technologies, materials and designs.
  • Highlighting the campus entrances and gates to facilitate access to the university.
  • University buildings must be combined in a distinctive way so that they are comfortable and harmonious.
  • The university must maintain a beautiful appearance and a unique design that forms a special identity for it.
  • Maintain campus standards for amenities and materials used on site so that the campus is consistent and of good quality.
  • Utilization of spaces and facilities.
  • Designing and building the university campus in a way that creates comfort and a positive feeling for all who enter it, including teachers, students, and administrators.
  • Limiting the expansion of some inefficient facilities, which are costly to maintain.
  • The ideal choice for the location of the stadiums, as it is easily accessible from inside and outside the campus.
  • Building the university campus and its facilities in areas compatible with the purpose of the facility.
  • Take care to preserve and increase natural lands.
  • Use of land and facilities in a way that stimulates physical activity.
  • environmental sustainability.
  • optimal use of resources and land; In order to preserve it, and reduce its negative impact on the environment.
  • integrating large landscape areas with campus buildings; Given the importance of biodiversity.
  • Manage the transportation system so as to reduce the number of cars used, and increase the movement of people, and this would reduce emissions resulting from car exhausts, in addition to overcoming the problem of traffic congestion.
  • The use of building systems that support the use of renewable resources, and restrict the use of materials that are hazardous and toxic to the environment.
  • Optimal management of lands affected by weather, and the issues it causes, such as; Storms, extreme temperature changes from low to high, except for the drainage of rain water and the disposal of snow. 

The importance of adhering to the principles of architectural and interior design for universities

These foundations help:

  • Providing a distinguished educational environment.
  • The ability to handle the student increase.
  • Creating a distinctive identity for the university, and creating a rich student experience.
  • Allow flexibility in research and education.
  • Building a university campus that has the potential to last for many years.

Architectural design and interior design are two designs that overlap with each other, and when both designs are successful, this leads to an integrated work with the best performance and result.

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