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Learn about the most beautiful garden designs

Learn about the most beautiful garden designs

Date: 2023/06/12


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction: 

The garden is the paradise of the homes and its own outlet, and in the spring and summer times a lot of time is spent in it, so when designing the home garden in particular, it is necessary to choose all the minute details from it and carefully observe in order to get full comfort and feel distinguished and obtain With a unique design, SMD Decoration provides its services and devotes all its efforts to you until you get what satisfies you and what you deserve of excellence. If you are one of the pioneers of elegance and luxury, we contain all your requests and even more.


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2- What is garden design

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In the precise definition of garden design , it is the art and process of designing and creating plans for planning and planting gardens and landscapes. Gardens are designed by the gardeners themselves, but the most followed option is according to statistics. Gardens can be designed by professionals led by professionally trained SMD Decoration .


3- The method used by SMD Decoration in garden design :

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SMD Decoration is based on certain rules in designing and implementing gardens, in order to give all the details their due and take care of the accuracy and splendor of your garden, according to the following:

Solid landscape design such as pathways, walls, water features, seating areas, and decking.

The plants themselves, where we take into account their horticultural requirements and their appearance from one season to another, and we rely on consulting the company’s plastic artists to coordinate the colors of the plants. In SMD Decoration, we rely on agricultural specialists to know what is related to their age, growth habits, and the growth speed of the selected plants.  

 Taking into account the maintenance needs of the garden, in order to help you save the most money.

Determine the desired stylistic variety in the garden, formal or informal, modern or traditional.

The location of the garden, which plays an important role in its design, so we suggest to you, for example, topographic landscapes such as steep slopes, horizons, and outcrops, so that we seek to make the design of your garden tend to be more realistic than giving an industrial appearance.

Study the nature of the soil and sunlight to determine the type of plants that we will put in the design of your garden.

And due to the importance of your comfort and the enjoyment of your eyes, the SMD Decoration company, before starting work, simulates the design on computer programs and gives you a preliminary look in case you want to make any modification according to your luxurious taste.

4- Garden furniture and lighting:

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To get a distinctive garden, you must also obtain distinctive furniture in order to get a wonderful design for your garden. Therefore, choosing the furniture for your garden must be professionally selected, and this is what we seek in SMD Decoration, so the special furniture that we offer for gardens varies  from :

  1. The patio set, which consists of a table, a set of chairs, and an umbrella, was made with all professionalism and with distinctive designs as well.
  2. Seats and swings, large and small, add fun and luxury to the garden for children.
  3. Stone columns of different designs, such as Greek or others.

But what must be carefully observed is the materials that are used in the manufacture of the base, so we at SMD Decoration company use the finest and most resistant materials such as metals, vinyl, plastics, resins and glass, in order to ensure that garden furniture lasts for a long period of time.

And lighting the garden, which is the second paragraph of this part of the article, plays an important and even inevitable role in the garden, so we developed the mechanisms used in lighting, due to its importance, and lighting techniques and their definition differ according to the height, so that safety lighting and downward lighting are, so we determine the importance of the area From the garden, and thus determining the amount of lighting and the type of lighting used and determining the type of lamps, as the company offers a wide variety of the best types of lamps, and the issue is not limited to the types of lamps only, but as a result of the accumulation of experiences and the implementation of many projects for our high-end customers, we designed special lights for gardens and What distinguishes them is that they can resist the surrounding external conditions and have strong lighting that helps vision and does not disturb the eye at the same time.


5-Types of garden decorations provided by SMD Decoration :


In fact, just the distinctive and luxurious designs may not satisfy all tastes if it does not contain a distinctive and elegant touch provided by SMD Decoration to work to satisfy all its customers and is very keen on that through a wide range of garden decorations . We offer you a simple set of what we offer:

Islamic gardens:

Its layout reflects the more specific architectural layout of Charbagh quadrilateral, in which we rely on natural details and the sounds of water due to its addition of tranquility to the soul, and what we want to achieve in our design of Islamic gardens is to provide a visual experience that pleases your eyes and a spiritual one that touches your heart.

Mediterranean gardens:

A lot of changes were made to these gardens so that we preserved the main character, but we made modifications to become consistent with the developments of the modern era, where the main point is to provide shade and increase aromatic plants to perfume the surrounding atmosphere.

English gardens:

You may have seen garden paintings such as a bridge for decoration, a small lake of water, a lot of green grass, and distinctive engineering works, and in fact, none of the aforementioned you cannot get, all you need is only the SMD Decoration company, and it will take care of everything   .

You can contact customer service to find out more details about all types of garden decorations that we offer in the company due to their abundance.

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6- SMD Decoration services in the field of garden design

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SMD Decoration offers the best professional designs and decorations for gardens, outdoor squares, and various green spaces, whether for residential buildings, companies, or villas, according to special standards and studies that guarantee the quality of decoration and design and its suitability for geographical and climatic conditions, with an expert and specialized staff of agricultural engineers, interior designers, and professional gardeners, to provide The best decorations and distinctive designs, as well as the company provides follow-up services and supervision of implementation through monitoring committees at the work site and according to the prior agreement with the client and the general budget set for the project, and we also note to you our valued customers that SMD Decoration does not charge its commission or any additional costs for working by means of digital currencies Only bank accounts and paper money, from SMD DecorationWe seek to gain your permanent trust and stay at the forefront of decoration companies in the Turkish market.