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Design and implementation of restaurants

Design and implementation of restaurants

Date: 2023/04/07


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction:

In many times, the luxury and fame of the restaurant depends not only on the food served and its quality, but also the decorations in it and its consistency with its surrounding environment and the nature of the restaurant. All these details play an important role in evaluating the restaurant and its reputation, so SMD Decoration provides the best design and execution services . Restaurants and the most creative ones in this field in order to get restaurants with a rating of no less than five stars, 

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2- Stages of designing and implementing restaurant decor :

And because excellence and obtaining error-free designs is the desired work, there must be a solid plan that is developed in advance through the agreement between the client and the company according to specific steps that we offer you, dear reader:

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The first step :

The company appoints a specialized team to study the restaurant decoration project with you and its details in addition to the budget. This team follows up the project during all stages of implementation according to the agreed plan to obtain satisfactory results.


The second step :

And we call it the initial design stage, where we distribute the work for each engineer in the work cadre according to his specialization, whether from architects or decorators to obtain a specialized work team, and we establish different specialized groups to supervise and follow up at this stage.


The third step :

After agreeing with the customer to develop a plan of action and understanding the basic points on which the work will be carried out, it is necessary to develop a preliminary visualization of the result through 3D panels so that if the customer is satisfied and does not want to amend it, work will be started directly, and if he wants to amend any details, the subject will be Simple.

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The fourth step :

Any design is not limited to what the eye of the beholder sees directly through the decoration or the general atmosphere of the place, so the design is not complete and becomes feasible without the plans for kitchens, a bar, movement spaces for services and the toilet, and all these details must be taken into account, with the help of an engineer Electromechanics, in determining the internal planning of the auxiliary services according to the operating needs and determining the specifications of the equipment and its operational capacities, in addition to the electrical works, air conditioning and ventilation, and all these details to obtain a successful project without obstacles.


Fifth step:

The work is distributed to groups of teams, so there must be coordination between these teams, so that there is no conflict between their agreed work through a project management and organization team that follows up on the completion of the work according to the schedule set for delivery at the date that is agreed upon according to the capabilities and circumstances available.


Sixth step:

After agreeing on the design and setting the final design, the budget, the materials used, and even the work tools, executive boards are set up for each team to proceed according to the agreed plan.


Seventh step:

Before reaching the final result, the project goes through many stages and reviews, especially the interior decoration, which will last with you for many years. Therefore, SMD Decoration takes care of all these details and takes care of them, so as not to waste money or time in repairing or modifying errors.


Eighth step:

But it is not the last step, when the restaurant decoration design is completed , we implement the project through the field work team and the supervision and follow-up teams on all stages of the project until the final stages of finishing before delivery.


Step nine:

The final step is to ensure all work for a period of time to be agreed upon after conducting an examination of the quality of work by specialized committees and studying all previous stages in order to avoid any errors and obtain customer satisfaction.


3- The policy followed in the design and implementation of restaurant décor

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The exterior design of the restaurant is one of the distinguishing signs in the marketing of the restaurant. We are studying how to select this exterior design so that it is luxurious and commensurate with the quality of food served in it and the surrounding environment.

Taking into account the space in the interior design and distributing chairs in an elegant way so as to preserve elegance and privacy and spaces that allow the passage of workers. These details must be taken into account before delivery, and the tables should be well arranged to make use of the spaces.

Choose the appropriate colors in a way that matches the nature of the restaurant, so that these colors are modern and combine fashion and elegance.

In the previous and last stages, it is necessary to choose the most elegant, classic and comfortable seats to complete the distinctive character of the restaurant.

Accessories that are placed in restaurants are always eye-catching and add a special elegance and elegance so that we choose them carefully so that the customer can enjoy his eyes with the beauty of the view.

Designing the entrances in a distinctive way that draws attention at first sight and gives a good first impression 

Choose lighting and distribute it well so that the customer does not feel any inconvenience.

Focus on ventilating the place well in order to keep it healthy and not to spread any odors that may disturb customers.

SMD Decoration is trying to follow the previous policies and additional conditions set by the client and apply them at all stages in order to satisfy him and gain his trust and maintain its leadership in the labor market with its good reputation.


4- SMD Decoration company services in the design and implementation of restaurant decoration

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In fact, SMD Decoration is one of the most distinguished companies , so when you receive a specific project, you follow it up, starting from placing small details to final finishes, and SMD Decoration uses the best cadres of architects, interior designers and artists as well, in order to give distinguished results to its customers And you follow up all global developments in the field of decoration, in order to remain in front of all companies specialized in the field of decoration with hundreds of steps. If you are looking for excellence, then the company is your first and only choice, and because excellence is a decision and not a mere coincidence, so he decided to be distinguished through SMD Decoration servicesThe distinctive that we offer you, we put our own mark in any field by focusing on the simple details to produce great results such as thinking about the consistency between the surrounding environment and the exterior design. If the restaurant is close to the sea or serves seafood, we try to make the exterior design to indicate this thing.

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