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Design of Qatar councils

Design of Qatar councils

Date: 2024/01/27


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The design of Qatar's Majlis reflects the cultural identity and rich history of this country, as the Majlis is considered an important place in the lives of individuals and families.

It is an environment that combines Qatari heritage with contemporary modernity, creating a space that reflects comfort and luxury. In this context, the design of Qatar's majlis varies to suit different needs and tastes.

Design of Qatar councils 2


Qatar Majlis Design: Ideas and Tips


The design of Qatar Majlis has a unique character that reflects the Qatari heritage and provides a comfortable atmosphere inspired by the local culture.


Design of Qatar Majlis: Types of Majlis


Types of Qatar councils

 Traditional Council:

It features marble or ceramic floors and wooden walls. It includes traditional furniture such as diwaniyas and wooden sitting rooms.

Modern council:

 It is based on simple lines and calm colors with the use of modern furniture and technological materials.

 Classical Arab Council:

 It includes traditional Arabic décor with its artistic details and bright colours.


Qatar Majlis Design: Majlis Colors


One of the colors of the Qatar Majlis is earthy colors, using earthy tones and natural colors to achieve a warm and sandy atmosphere.

 Pastel Colors Add a touch of light and pastel colors to make the board look more vibrant and refreshing.

Shades of blue and green, the colors of Qatar's councils, resort to shades of blue and green to add a touch of calm and harmony.


Majlis Design Qatar: Majlis Furniture


 Traditional furniture is considered Qatar Majlis furniture. Wooden furniture and bright cushions are chosen to enhance the traditional character.

Modern Furniture Modern furniture and clean lines are used to achieve a modern and elegant look.

Qatar Majlis Furniture includes classic sofas with rich colors and luxurious decorations.


Design of Qatar councils 3

Majlis Design Qatar: Majlis lighting

Traditional Lighting Use oriental lanterns and traditional lamps to achieve warm and attractive Qatar Majlis lighting.

 Add hanging or built-in decorative lights to define specific areas and improve the aesthetic. Add finishing touches with traditional candles and lanterns to make the Majlis warmer.


Qatar Majlis Design: Majlis Decoration


 Hang paintings and traditional decorations to enhance the aesthetic. In Qatar Majlis decorations

 Place traditional carpets to achieve a touch of luxury and comfort on pictures of Qatar Majlis from Qatar Majlis ideas. Add a touch of nature by placing indoor plants to improve the air and make the Majlis more lively.


By directing Qatar Majlis advice towards a unique expression of Qatari culture and tradition, a comfortable and attractive Majlis can be achieved that reflects the character of the place and provides an exceptional experience for residents and visitors alike.



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Modern Qatar Majlis design

     Use furniture and decor with clean, simple lines to achieve a modern, contemporary look.

     Vary between calm shades of color to avoid creating a comfortable and calm atmosphere. Integrating technology into design to achieve a sophisticated, modern Qatar Majlis design.

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Design of Qatar's heritage councils

     Introducing Qatari heritage elements such as mosaics and wood carvings to give a traditional touch to the design of Qatar Heritage Majlis using traditional colors such as blue, white and red.

     Choose handmade and handcrafted furniture to add an air of heritage.


Qatar majlis design for men

     Preferring dark colors in the design of Qatar Majlis for men to give a feeling of strength and sharpness.

     Use comfortable and practical furniture such as leather sofas and simple chairs. Choose a design that expresses men's taste and achieves a balance between practicality and luxury.


Design of Qatar Majlis for Women

     Using soft and bright colors to achieve a feminine and comfortable atmosphere in the design of Qatar Majlis for Ladies, adding subtle decorative touches such as soft curtains and colorful pillows.

   Adding a personal care and hairdressing corner to meet the needs of women.


Design of small diameter councils

     Use multi-purpose furniture to make the most of a small space.

     Use light colors to expand the sense of space. Use smart storage solutions to maintain order and save space in the design of small diameter majlis


Design of large diameter councils

     Choose large, attractive furniture to fill the space beautifully.

 Providing different seating and entertainment areas to achieve an ideal distribution of space.

     Incorporating luxurious elements and comfortable furniture to achieve a luxurious and spacious large diameter majlis design.

Design of Qatar councils

Luxurious Qatar Majlis design

     Use luxury furniture and high quality materials. Add touches of golden details to increase the luxury. The use of rich and elegant fabrics to enhance the luxurious character in the design of luxurious Qatar Majlis


Simple Qatar Majlis design


     Relying on simple lines and simple details, using neutral colors to get a simple and calm look. Choose practical and simple furniture that meets the needs of daily use.

By choosing a majlis design that suits personal needs and taste, a comfortable and attractive space can be achieved in your home in Qatar.



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