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Turn your dreams into reality Creative Decoration Corporation

Turn your dreams into reality Creative Decoration Corporation

Date: 2023/05/23


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Many people look forward to making their home a comfortable and beautiful place that reflects their personality and provides them with comfort and relaxation. Decor plays an important role in achieving this goal, as it provides its services to transform different spaces into innovative and attractive places. Among these institutions, SMD Decoration stands out , which is characterized by designing unique and innovative decorations that suit the needs of customers and transform their homes into their dream homes. Decorations relies on a specialized and creative team characterized by experience and skill in designing and implementing decorations in a different and innovative style. Thanks to the quality of the services provided by an interior decoration company, it is considered one of the best institutions in the field of design and decoration, and it enjoys the confidence of many customers whom it was able to satisfy and achieve their expectations.

Services provided by Decor Corporation

Décor offers a variety of services to meet the needs of customers and achieve their expectations, among these services:


1- Designing and implementing decorations for homes, offices, hotels, restaurants and other interior spaces.

2- Decorative consulting and providing advice and creative ideas to achieve the appropriate appearance of the space.

3- Designing and implementing customized furniture that is commensurate with the decorative design of the space.

4- Providing the raw materials and materials necessary to implement the decorative design with the highest quality and the best price.

5- Providing the necessary lighting to achieve the appropriate aesthetic appearance of the space.

6- Coordination between different colors and pieces to achieve aesthetic compatibility in the space.

The Creative Decoration Corporation is characterized by providing integrated and comprehensive services to achieve the best results and customer satisfaction.


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The steps that must be followed to contract with a decor company


To contract with a decor company, the following steps can be followed:


1- Communication 

Contact the institution and set a date for the meeting and discuss the needs and requirements for the space to be designed.


2- The idea 

Presenting the general idea of ​​the desired design, and determining the budget available for the work.


3- The study 

 Conducting a field study of the area to be designed and analyzing the various factors influencing the design.


4- Presentation of the offer

 Submit a detailed, space-specific design proposal according to agreed needs and requirements.


5- Raw materials 

 Determine and provide raw materials and materials used in the design.


6- Amendments 

 Make the necessary modifications to the final design and approve it.


7- Implementation 

 Executing the design in the final form and with the highest quality and accuracy.


8- Follow up the process after implementation 

 Ensuring that the customer is satisfied with the work done and providing the necessary technical support from a decoration and design company


The Decoration Foundation follows best practices in design and implementation, and ensures customer satisfaction and achieving the appropriate design for the space to be designed.

Projects implemented by the Decoration Foundation


The Decoration Foundation has implemented many different projects, among these projects:


1- Designing and implementing the decorations of houses and apartments in a modern and elegant style.

2- Designing and implementing office and workplace decorations for companies and institutions in a professional and functional manner.

3- Designing and implementing decorations for hotels and tourist resorts in the most luxurious and elegant style.

4- Designing and implementing decorations for restaurants, cafes and showrooms in a unique and innovative style.

5- Designing and implementing decorations for mosques and educational and cultural centers in an appropriate and inspiring manner.

The projects implemented by the Decoration Corporation are distinguished  by innovation, excellence in design and attention to the smallest details, and they always seek to achieve customer satisfaction and exceed their expectations.

General tips from the decorator 

Decor provides some general tips that can be taken into consideration when thinking about designing home, office, restaurant, or any other interior space, as follows:


1- Pay attention to lighting:

 You must choose the appropriate lighting for the space, and ensure that there is sufficient and appropriate lighting for every part of the space.


2- Pay attention to colors: 

Attractive colors that match each other should be chosen, and contrasting colors should be avoided.


3- Taking care of empty spaces:

 Some empty spaces should be left to avoid the feeling of crowding and space constraints.


4- Attention to detail: 

You should pay attention to small details such as choosing curtains, blankets, and pillows in appropriate colors and matching the overall décor of the space.


5- Attention to coordination:

 Furniture and accessories must be well coordinated and appropriate to the space, ensuring that there is an aesthetic compatibility between all elements.


6- Focus on functionality: 

Furniture and accessories should be selected to suit the different needs and functions of the space, and to achieve comfort and ease of use for users.


By choosing the right organization to design and implement the decorations, the perfect design can be achieved and the space will be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

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SMD Decoration is the best decoration company and services provided by SMD Decoration 


SMD Decoration is one of the best decoration establishments in the field of design and decoration, as it is distinguished by its unique and innovative designs, commensurate with customer needs, and its excellence in transforming different spaces into beautiful and comfortable places. The organization follows best practices in design and implementation, and guarantees the quality of the services it provides and customer satisfaction. Thanks to its specialized and creative team, Décor and Finishing Company is characterized by innovation and excellence in design, and is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to design a new interior space or update an existing interior space in a distinctive and attractive way.

SMD Decoration offers a variety of services in the field of interior design and decoration, including:


1- Designing and implementing interior decoration works for houses, apartments, villas, palaces, offices, shops, and others.

2- Designing and implementing interior decoration works for commercial projects, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, universities, and others.

3- Carrying out interior decoration , installation, upholstery, painting, finishing, renovation and modernization of residences and commercial projects.

4- Designing interior decoration and implementing customized furniture and interior furnishings for residences and commercial projects.

5- Design and implementation of interior decoration works , internal and external lighting, and installation of electronic systems.

6- Providing consultations and advice to clients about interior design and decoration , choosing appropriate materials and coordinating colors.

SMD Decoration provides comprehensive services in the field of interior design and decoration, and strives to meet customers' needs, realize their vision, and turn their ideas into an attractive and tangible reality.

SMD Decoration is the best decoration company in Qatar , where creativity and quality in customer service 

SMD Decoration is the best decoration company in UAE where interior design and decoration is beyond imagination 

SMD Decoration is the best decoration company in Saudi Arabia, where innovation and quality are in every design 

SMD Decoration is the best distinguished company, so that when you receive a specific project, you follow it up, starting from setting the plan in terms of small details, all the way to putting the final finishes ,

SMD Decoration works to provide high quality services at competitive prices, and uses the latest technology and materials to achieve the best results. The company always strives to meet the needs and desires of customers, and gives priority to achieving a design that suits the customer's taste and reflects his personality and needs.


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We would like to point out that SMD Decoration for interior design and decoration in Turkey does not use bitcoins or digital currencies in its business dealings, but rather charges its fees through paper currencies or bank transfers.