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The architect, the maquette, and tips when dealing with the best maquette implementation company

The architect, the maquette, and tips when dealing with the best maquette implementation company

Date: 2023/04/10


Table Of Contents

1-Who is an architect?

The architect is the person who specializes in designing, planning and constructing buildings and architectural facilities, and he is the one who translates customer requirements into a built environment on the ground.


2- What is the nature of the architect's work and what are his responsibilities?

The work of the architect  is limited to the following matters:

  • Multidisciplinary field: The work of the architect depends on many different disciplines such as mathematics, science, art and technology, in addition to politics and history. .
  • Conducting land surveys: The architect prepares land surveys, in addition to evaluating the value of lands and buildings in the event of insurance or mortgage.
  • Providing technical advice: The architect also provides the best ideas that help improve and develop the quality of buildings, roads and various facilities.
  • Follow-up of work abroad: the architect must follow all the developments made by the workers during the construction process, and he is required to keep abreast of everything new in the field of construction.

Architect's responsibilities

The architect has very great responsibilities that he must perform, the most important of which are the following:

  • Design buildings and create detailed hand drawings, and be able to use the various design applications that technology provides.
  • Feasibility study of construction projects in coordination with construction officials.
  • Studying all factors that may be an obstacle to construction, such as studying city planning legislation, environmental impact and project budget.
  • Work with other professionals who work in construction such as building services engineers, construction managers, quantity surveyors and architectural technologists.
  • Obtaining planning permission from the competent government agencies.
  • Writing reports and submitting proposals, requests and contracts for construction.
  • Determine all requirements for the project.
  • Adapting to all circumstances that may arise and solving any problems that may arise during construction.
  • Monitor construction sites, and attend all meetings with clients.


3- What is a stereo maquette?

The maquette is a small model to explain and present the idea of ​​the architectural project. The maquettes are made, whether architectural maquettes or engineering maquettes, in order to convey the idea to the client and make it easy for him to imagine it.

4- Tips when dealing with the best maquette execution company

1- The extent to which the maquette corresponds to reality

The main task of the maquette is to present the project in view of what will be on the ground, as well as to show the idea and details of the project to customers, so it is very important to take care and ensure all the details of the project and the presence of all competitive features that distinguish your company from your competitors, which is what you can achieve by communicating with the best company Maket implementation.

2- Proper proportions and dimensions

The task of proper dimensions lies in helping the correct and realistic clarification of the project. Despite the simplicity of maquette materials sometimes, the correct proportions and the presence of all details and ideas fulfill the purpose of the maquette and convince the customer of the project realistically.

3- External design and relations between blocks

The relationships between the blocks in the maquette are a key factor in showing the distinction of the maquette and its quality of manufacture. It must ensure smoothness and ease of integration between the blocks, in the absence of a dividing line between the collected blocks or the protrusion of parts of the glue. 

The final design highlights the quality of the maquette work , thus comforting the eye and ensuring the first impression and admiration of the customer, which will facilitate the sale process and increase the profits of the real estate company.

4- Use of lights

The lighting enhances the idea of ​​the customer’s perception of the project and increases the chances of persuading him, as it does not suffice to make the customer imagine the realistic shape of the project only, but also makes him imagine it at different times of the day, so he imagines the shape of the project at night and day through maquette lighting .

Lighting is widely used in tourist and resort motorbikes to increase the chances of dazzling the client and the emotional and psychological attachment to the project.

5- The use of mechanics and the dynamic movement of the maquette

The main purpose of the maquette is to convey reality to the customer before he exists and to easily imagine the project; Therefore, seeking to diversify the details and materials of the maquette and the presence of lightings or movement mechanisms whose main goal is to enhance perception and ease of persuasion to the customer in order to facilitate the sale process. 

The presence of movement in the maquette aims to convey reality more in the architectural maquette and the maquette of the residential towers. Some maquette require imaginary and unrealistic movement mechanisms that aim to make the client psychologically attach to the company’s brand only, such as tourism maquette and resort maquette.

6- The speed of maquette manufacturing and production

Some large and bulky maquettes take a long time to manufacture, but companies are usually in dire need of maquettes as soon as possible due to the close opening time or the announcement of the launch of a new phase of a project, so that the reputation of the company is not affected, you must make sure of the speed of manufacturing and the commitment of the company On the agreed delivery date.

7- Ease of fragmentation and transportation of the maquette

Huge machines require disassembling their parts when transporting, reassembling them, and assembling them again, which is a process in which the machine may be greatly affected and some of its parts may be deformed if it is not of high quality or improperly transported. 

Therefore, you have to make sure of the possibility and ease of dismantling and assembling its parts again, and the knowledge of the company on how to transport it correctly, and their supervision of the transportation process in a proper and non-harmful manner to the maquette.

8- The durability of the maquette and its continuity for a long time

You must ensure the longest possible life span for the maquette that you can obtain, so make sure of: 

  • The safety of the blocks and their durability and steadfastness for a long time.
  • Durability and strength of the glue used in assembling maquette blocks. 
  • No significant force is applied to any of the blocks.

9- Covering and protecting the internal parts of the maquette

It must ensure the protection of the internal parts of the machine such as the motors and the behavior of the movement mechanisms and the internal behavior of the lighting so that they are protected from any external factors that could cause their disruption.

You must also ensure the general coverage of the maquette by means of a large glass cover or a transparent acrylic cover, thus ensuring the continuity of the maquette and its existence for the longest possible period.

10- Warranty and after-sales service

Make sure that you get in the charter of the contract with the maquette manufacturer, maintenance and service of the maquette for a specified period, and repairing any parts in the maquette that may be subject to cracking, disintegration, malfunctioning mechanisms, or the like.


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