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Muqarnas in Islamic art and an important element in architecture

Muqarnas in Islamic art and an important element in architecture

Date: 2023/04/29


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1- Introduction:

 Muqarnas in Islamic Art An important element in Islamic architecture and decorative arts. Its importance stems from the aesthetics of its geometry and its three-dimensional spatial formations, such as abstract sculptures that simulate nature using an Islamic intellectual methodology on a mystical level. It also plays a constructive role in the transition and transformation from one geometric figure to another and from one surface to another, and it is a very important letter in the alphabet of Islamic art.

The origins of  muqarnas in Islamic art  go back to the beginning of the widespread use of spherical pendentives in the corners of an architectural space as a structural element for making a vaulted ceiling and its fairness, as it is credited for its innovation and development to the Arabs. Sami, mediated by the transition and transformation from a square shape to a round "circle" to rest on the lower edge of the dome.

Muqarnas in Islamic Art Notable examples in the Levant of domes mounted on spherical pendentives are the muqarnas at Qasr al-Nuweijs near Amman, and in a bath near Petra (Jordan). The spherical triangles were called single energy in the palaces of Firuzabad, Shirin, and Sarvestan.

What is found in Morocco and Andalusia indicates that muqarnas in Islamic art  is a distinct element of interior decoration, as it was developed and used optimally under the Almohad state.

As for the Levant, muqarnas were used for the first time in Islamic art in the architectural and decorative elements of the Seljuk era, the most famous of which is the dome and the vault of the Great Nuuriyya School in the Khayatin Market, and the dome of the Bimaristan al-Nuri and its vault in the locality of al-Hariqa, which are covered with muqarnas from the inside and outside.

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2- The concept of  muqarnas in Islamic art  .    


Muqarnas in Islamic Art Compact elements and harmonious lines come together in a well-thought-out system of dazzling positioning, solid composition, and exquisite layering of geometry, with each unit building upon its counterpart and merging into a powerful collective formation to raise a dome or ark. The decorations are not random, but rather have a structural purpose that highlights the creativity of a Muslim architect and the uniqueness of muqarnas in Islamic art

 With this dazzling element that gave a high and unique value to its architectural history. This important element in these few lines.

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The types of muqarnas in Islamic art are divided into two parts :  two-dimensional and three-dimensional:    

 Muqarnas in Islamic art are three-dimensional and are called stalactites in the language. Geometrically it is a three-dimensional repeating unit, and each unit is supported by a unit above it. Muqarnas art

  The main focus in the design of this decorative masterpiece is on structural lenses, which aim to create an architectural transition between the shape of the dome and the cubic structure that supports it. It is also used for large domes, niches, and arches. It also works as a vertical frame for flat embellishments. It is a transition between two geometric shapes of different sizes and configurations.

Muqarnas titles in Islamic art with the mother of arts   : 

Muqarnas art  combines the arts of building, construction, sculpture, painting, calligraphy and decoration. The names of the stalactites varied. In the countries of the Arab East, it is called "muqarnas", and in the Maghreb it is called "muqarnas", while in Egypt it is called "al-Dhaliyat" and there are many stalactites in Islamic civilization . For Al-Halabi, Al-Shami, Al-Baladi, Al-Mudalli, and the triangle, and when the muqarnas are separated from the group itself, it is very much like a small mihrab. Among its elements are harmonious and complete lines that fill the corners of the existing walls

Muqarnas titles in Islamic art, the mother of arts   

The emergence of muqarnas art dates back to the beginning of the spread of uses (spherical triangles) in the corners of interior architectural decorations as a structural element that reaches domes or vaulted ceilings, and this element belongs strongly to Islamic architecture . Containing

Straight and curved line, umbrellas, arcs, pendants, alcoves and a variety of geometric shapes of stars and polygons.

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3- The components and functions  of muqarnas in Islamic art: 

There are many ways to build muqarnas in Islamic art  , the first of which is piercing through wood or stone and carving it from the inside out, and the second is placing it on a preliminary surface such as a dome or collar, then arranging the muqarnas on the muqarnas. The surface without leaving any gaps and the last way to hang muqarnas. After the decorative ceiling panel is assembled, these panels are laid on the ground and then fixed to the architectural structure.

Muqarnas were created in Islamic civilization   for specific functions, and their functions are manifested in two aspects:

Architectural features: It helps to reduce the mass throughout the building as the muqarnas divide the mass into small parts that depend on each other, which leads to the distribution of the mass in many points due to the precision of the geometry. Composition in staggered rows, eg b. It allows a flat surface to meet and blend with curved surfaces, which is often used, for example, to transform a room from square to octagon and then to a rotunda, or to transform one surface into other niches or arches of minarets.

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4- Muqarnas in Islamic art    and services provided by SMD Decoration   : 

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The SMD Decoration company  shows that a Muslim engineer created and created many masterpieces in muqarnas in Islamic geometric art, bowed to him with appreciation and respect, and it would be better for contemporary engineers to develop this three-dimensional decoration and apply it in modern buildings and interiors. Decorations by adding some innovations to match the abstraction

Which appeared on Islamic architectural elements such as lines, decorations and other elements to combine the heritage of Islamic history with the modernity and technology of modern architecture.    She advises each engineer, when implementing the interior decoration,  to follow his own method in the preparation process for the project, and to give his creativity what he does to reach the desired results. The SMD Decoration company is one of the best distinguished companies, so that when you receive a specific project, you follow it up, starting from developing the plan in terms of small details, all the way to the final finishes, and the SMD Decoration company uses the best cadres of designers, architects, interior engineers, and artists as well, and that To give distinctive and impressive results to its customers and to follow all international developments in the field of interior decoration and design in order to remain a leader in the field of design and    Proceeding with hundreds of steps, so if you are looking for excellence, the company is your first and only choice, and because excellence is a decision and not a mere coincidence, he decided to be distinguished through the distinctive SMD Decoration services that we offer you, so we put our own mark in any field by focusing on simple details to give results Great as thinking about the harmony between the surroundings and the exterior design

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