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Important rules in the stages of interior design

Important rules in the stages of interior design

Date: 2023/05/16


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction:


 Interior design is the   art and science of understanding people's behavior to create functional spaces in walls, buildings, and homes.  The stages of  interior design  is decorating is decorating or decorating a space with something modern and beautiful.

The stages  of interior design  is the art of planning and beautifying human-made spaces, and it is a field closely related to architecture. Although there is a clear interest in the aesthetics of places and their designs across all ages and stages of design, they combine different serving cultures and capabilities of aesthetic elements and depend on the design stage. The implementation stages of interior design  depend  on creativity and innovative technology

While there has been a great interest in the aesthetics and design of places throughout the ages, the stages  of interior design  depend on the science of bringing together different cultures and abilities in the service of design. Aesthetic elements in custom and tradition, relying on creativity and innovative technologies. The stages of interior design implementation   make the designer deal with all its materials, spaces, places and lights; The stages  of interior design  show how to deal with all knowledge and how to use colors and link them to each other 

The stages of  interior design  express planning for a specific thing, and doing something fun and beautiful. It is an expression of the design stage, because the artist is the one who arranges his mental motives in the form of a re-expression of ideas and formations in order to apply them. To the above, by researching all aspects of the idea and developing an initial concept of the intended form.  Ideas in the interior design stages include  consideration of all aspects that affect the idea during actual implementation, and how the idea affects its environment.



SMD Decoration  provides the best and most  creative design   services  in this field. SMD Decoration  shows  you, dear reader,  the stages of  interior design    according to the following:

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2 - Principles of the stages  of interior design  .  

 The interior design stages are based  on the principles of harmony and on a set of elements of the artwork that meet in achieving the goal for which it was found, integrity, the competent mixture of colors, the practicality and environmental friendliness of the finishing materials. The concept of the interior design stages is to reshape and formulate ideas to apply them on   the ground . Indeed, and the formulation of these ideas by studying all aspects of the idea to be put into practice, the purpose is taken to choose furniture, lighting, decoration and textiles.  The style of the interior design stages depends  on the region, its composition, and important things in the development stages of the interior design

  Also the occupation of their owners, their hobbies, their work and their favorite type of entertainment 

The stages  of interior design  are one of the important things in our time, as it enters many areas of life, as it is the process of collecting elements, and preparing all that these elements need in terms of treatment, measurement, and modification, by relying on ideas and personal experiences, to produce something new. Distinguished, performs its tasks and meets the purpose of its design, and has become  

And because excellence and obtaining error-free designs are the desired work of SMD Decoration     through the agreement between the client and the company according to steps 

To watch a video about the steps  of interior design development,  click here  

3- The basics and rules of   the stages  of interior design    .  .    

When starting to mention the stages  of interior design,   basic rules must be mentioned for the work to come out as we want, as the lack of good organization leads to wasting time in vain, so you find some designers doing the work without paying attention to the rules of the   studied stages of the interior design process.  

SMD Decoration     advises every designer to follow the rules  of the stages of the interior design process    in order to produce the final design in a professional manner 

  SMD Decoration explains the rules and stages  of interior design  , so let's start…

Image 2

The first rule: study the void 

It is considered one of the most important points in the study of interior design,  where the dimensions of the place must be studied so that the adult bedroom differs from the nursery room, and the living room or kitchen for a large family is completely different from the room of one person. As the stages  of interior design   begin with planning the required rooms and whether it is possible to equip a dressing room, an office, and a separate bedroom for each child. You may also need to combine some areas of the kitchen with a dining room, a bedroom with an office, a balcony with a living room, or completely organize a fashionable “open space” 

 The stages of  interior design  need to develop a detailed plan, indicating all the important elements of windows, doors, walls, furniture and everything that comes to mind. 


The second rule: the appropriate choice of colors

Interior coloring is one of the most important rules   of the interior design stages  as it creates the mood of the room. Comfort and tranquility, therefore, must be chosen with absolute care 

Often the texture depends on the chosen interior style it can be smooth or plain. It is desirable that the color or texture combined most of the elements in the rooms







Third rule: use black 

The use of black is an important rule in  the stages  of interior design.   It goes well with any other colors. Strong materials are used in black: wood, stone, metal, stained glass, velvet fabrics, silk, polyester, jacquard, wool, etc.

It is not recommended to use black in cafes and restaurants, as it can reduce appetite

Often the texture depends on the chosen interior style it can be smooth or plain. It is desirable that the color or texture combined most of the elements in the room

The fourth rule: the optimal choice of finishing materials 

The most important rule in the  interior design  stages is the use of natural and synthetic materials, that is, a combination of them. Abundant stucco molding and carved embossed decor, an abundance of arches Modern interiors in  the stages of studying interior design  seek practicality, the simpler the better. These are plastered walls, instead of wallpaper, which must be plastered almost annually, easily washable tiles or thick linoleum, rather than complex parquet, which must be carefully monitored, a film stretch or suspended ceiling, which does not require whitewashing or masking unnecessary wires .


The materials are chosen in the  interior design stages by depending on the purpose of the rooms. In the bedroom, stone and ceramics are not used in the living room, they are too cold, and carpets will be quite appropriate. For the nursery, only natural, environmentally friendly materials of colors are required


The texture often depends on the chosen interior style and can be smooth or plain. It is desirable that the color or texture combined most of the elements in the room


Undistinguished. In the bathroom, hallway, kitchen room, pollution-free covers are chosen, not afraid of water, washable wallpaper, granite, as the rules of the  interior design stages confirm the appropriate choice for each place 


Fifth rule: optimal choice of finishing materials 

After that, you search for the competing companies for the client who owns the project and the designs that were designed in such a project, and it is considered one of the most important stages  of design  , and this is called inspiration, where you choose the best designs in a file, then you draw the idea that you reached on paper, and at this stage of the  design  stages  do not depend on Computer only with paper and pen, then you choose the best idea and present it to the client.

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The importance of interior design and decoration steps  lies in making the best use of the space available for the place based on the function and professionalism of the design. The following are the most important points that explain the importance of the stages  of interior design 

Make the most of the available spaces  

 Cost saving and easy maintenance  

 Designed to fit the user's lifestyle 

SMD Decoration is trying to follow the previous policies and additional conditions set by the client and apply them at all stages in order to satisfy him and obtain his trust and maintain its leadership in the labor market with its good reputation in the stages of interior  design   .



4- The stages  of interior design and services provided by SMD Decoration   .

Image 4

In fact , the SMD Decoration company is one of the most distinguished companies in the steps of interior design and decoration  , so that when you receive a specific project, you follow it up, starting from placing the small details to putting the final finishes, and the SMD Decoration company uses the best cadres of architects, interior designers, and artists as well. This is to give distinguished results to its customers, and it follows up all global developments in the field of decoration, in order to remain in front of all companies specialized in the field of decoration with hundreds of steps. Through SMD Decoration servicesThe distinctive that we offer you, so we put our own mark in any field by focusing on the simple details to give great results such as thinking about the consistency between the surrounding environment and the exterior design. If the restaurant is close to the sea or serves seafood, we try to make the exterior design to indicate this thing.

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