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The villas and their distinctive design are from the best company

The villas and their distinctive design are from the best company

Date: 2023/04/17


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction:

Villas are among the buildings that reflect the beauty of the interior decoration . Sufficient spaces give engineers the ability to extract a set of creative ideas, plan based on the specifications of empty spaces, and add creative touches to the space using appropriate colors and different materials at appropriate costs.

Modern villa designs are also considered one of the most sought-after types of designs for villa decorations for a large segment of customers, and this is the result of modern interior design simulating contemporary reality. What drives a lot to apply modern design in villa decor .


2- What are the types of residential villa designs?

  • The independent villa

It is the villa separated from any other residential building, as it has a private garden and a wall surrounding it from all corners, in addition to an independent entrance that gives a sense of luxury and relaxation spaces such as landscaping and a swimming pool. This villa is the perfect type for you when you desire extreme privacy and security.

  • The double villa 

The duplex villa is a combination of two villas connected from the front side, as villas are designed adjacent to each other, each two of them share the same architectural design, unified facade and landscape surrounding both villas, giving you a sense of harmony and independence at the same time. The duplex villa is separated from the adjacent duplex villa by a private wall.

  • Combined villa 

This type is characterized by the union of several villas next to each other in a completely adjacent manner, as if it were one villa divided into several villas. Cluster villas like this are great if you want a semi-detached house with ample space, but with less money than a stand-alone villa. One of the advantages of the combined villa designs is that it gives beauty to the whole place as a result of the similar architectural coordination. 


3- The 4 most famous materials used in designing villa facades

Choosing the right facade is very important, because the facade is the prominent element when designing private villas , and it is the first thing you and your visitors see. Therefore, you must be careful in choosing it, or assign it to an architect to design it according to the design style that you like. The following is a list of the best and most elegant materials used to design villa facades:

First: the wooden facade:

Wood comes with several advantages that help you choose it. When you intend to design villas in a place with a high temperature, wood gives you a warm and picturesque facade thanks to its natural appearance. However, it is necessary to know the defects of the wooden façade that lead to the aversion of some of them, which is its constant need for periodic maintenance so that no damage occurs to the façade.

Second: the glass facade:

You may be surprised at the placement of glass among the best facades used when designing modern villas, as most people refrain from using it because of its ease of breaking and its permeability to heat and sunlight. However, what actually happened was that the glass used in the facades of the villas was completely different, and became resistant to scratching or breaking.

In addition, the glass allows the sun's rays to pass through to give warmth and light to the place and add more beauty and elegance, while treating it to protect from ultraviolet rays and any other harmful rays. If you prefer elegance and modern facades, then glass is one of the best facades that will suit you.

Third: the metal interface:

If you decide to work on villa designs suitable for the extremely hot weather, metal can be the ideal facade for your private villa, because it gives it a sense of coolness that is very similar to the autumn weather, and it is also easy to form and its price is somewhat low. And you can diversify between several metals, for example, golden, copper, or bronze panels, to finally come out with a very beautiful villa that suits your needs.

Fourth: the brick facade:

For many centuries, bricks have been used in the construction of facades, and the brick facade is still used today. If you want to resort to bricks while designing traditional villas, you will find that the matter is simple and easy. You will only need bricks, concrete foundations, and some equipment to build a perfect and very natural facade.


4- Some important factors that must be taken into account when choosing a villa decoration company in Turkey :

Firstly, it must be ensured that the company has a good reputation in the market and is known for providing quality services.

Secondly, it is important to look at the company's experience and see if their approach matches your needs.

Finally, it is also important to research their prices and compare them with other companies in order to get the best deal.


5- Smd Decoration company  for decoration in Turkey

Smd Decoration company for decoration in Turkey , based in Istanbul, specializing in luxury residential projects, decoration, interior design, exterior cladding, and Turkish cafe decorations, it has done amazing projects in many Turkish provinces to be on top of decoration companies in Turkey, its designs for decoration are professional and passionate to meet the ambition of its customers. Its vision: SMD Company for interior design, decoration and real estate development in Turkey is with you in your home, office, workplace, or investment. It aims to create beauty and sophistication wherever it is located. It starts from the idea of ​​the real estate project, through the stages of its implementation, until marketing the project and selling it, in addition to interior design, decoration and decorations for reception desks. It is not just a service that you provide, but a lifestyle that creates designs that put you in the heart of modernity.

Excellence in design, success in execution, quality and research are central to Smd Decoration's approach to decoration in Turkey . Each project is a unique opportunity to value the client's vision and exceed his or her expectations. It works with a qualified team in close contact with clients, consultants and suppliers, it works with enthusiasm and passion and encourages a creative and professional environment so the level of personal service is high, along with respect for its values ​​in terms of cost and time, and it is proud of its unique relationship with the client.

In the Smd Decoration company for decoration in Turkey, a professional team works to provide all kinds of decorations in Turkey, from the oldest cities in the world to the most modern ones, and provides interior design services and exterior cladding on demand from unique and artistic things, furniture, lighting and wonderful brands to become one of the largest companies The decoration market in Istanbul by providing luxurious decoration for villas and palaces. Its work emerges from the colors of the earth and the city to become the best decoration company in Türkiye. Its goal: Its goal and the goal of its customers are the same, and it works with them with one hand to achieve the desired dream within the limits of the allocated budgets, high quality, and impressive success.