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Comprehensive about solar energy and building decorations

Comprehensive about solar energy and building decorations

Date: 2023/03/29


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction:

Solar energy, or the so-called solar radiation, is the energy emitted by the sun's rays, mainly in the form of heat and light, and it is the product of the nuclear reactions that take place inside the nearest star, the sun, far exceeding the current. Global energy needs, and if harnessed properly, can cover all energy needs in the future.

The importance of solar energy lies in the fact that sunlight has facilitated the development of living organisms and is responsible for the processes of photosynthesis in plants to produce food and biomass, as well as the role of these rays in water and wind energy. Solar energy is also of great importance in agriculture, in crop production and cultivation, and in drying food to prevent it from spoiling, and in the use of greenhouses to raise the temperature. In addition, solar energy is responsible for the so-called group of renewable energy sources, and it is the most important non-decreasing and environmentally friendly source of energy.


SMD Decoration  provides solar energy   works  and building decorations   according to creative and aesthetic services  

SMD Decoration Company shows  you, dear reader, the concept of solar energy and building decorations      according to the following 

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2- Areas of using    solar energy and building decorations   .   

Solar energy is defined as energy generated by converting sunlight into electricity using photovoltaic cells. It is one of the largest and fastest growing sources of renewable energy. It promises a promising future by providing energy for various applications. Every place on Earth receives an amount of sun annually, but the amount of solar radiation that a place receives varies from one place to another on the surface of the Earth, and this amount is called solar radiation, also known as photoelectric radiation. ; It is emitted from the sun as light which is captured by solar technologies and converted into a usable form of energy.

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SMD Decoration has people who specialize in solar energy and building decorations and are able to implement  with full perfection,    

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And because  SMD Decoration   is the most distinguished company, it shows you, dear reader, the areas of using  solar energy and building decorations: 


Photovoltaic systems

Considered one of the most popular ways to harness solar energy, photovoltaic systems are also known as solar cell systems and generate electricity directly from sunlight When solar panels are exposed to sunlight, these cells absorb energy from sunlight, and this energy produces an electrical charge. They move in response to the cells' internal electric field, which drives the flow of current. This system consists of solar cells made of semiconductor materials, and when these materials are exposed to sunlight, the solar energy stimulates the electrons in the atoms of these materials to move away from the nuclei; This causes it to move through the semiconductor material, thus generating electricity that can be used directly or stored in batteries. The process of converting sunlight into electricity (voltage) is called the photovoltaic effect.


Concentrated solar energy systems

CSP systems rely on the use of mirrors and lenses to focus a large amount of sunlight on a small area and then convert the sun's energy into heat. [4] The concentrated solar energy system consists of 3 main units, which are as follows: Solar ball: The solar ball converts solar energy into thermal energy. Heat storage: stores thermal energy by using molten salt as the heat transfer medium. Power Generation Unit: Electricity is generated in this unit by steam turbines powered by steam generated from solar energy.


Solar systems for heating

 Solar heating systems use the thermal energy of the sun to provide hot water and heat for residential, commercial and industrial properties. These systems provide an alternative to solar heating using electricity or natural gas. These systems consist

of three components. The main components are: the main collector, the insulated piping and the hot water tank. These systems may include optional auxiliaries such as electronic control units and, where applicable, an anti-icing system, particularly in cold climate regions. 

These systems provide sufficient internal heat in two ways: [4]

 Active solar heating method: Provides sufficient heat by circulating hot water or gas using a pump or heater. Passive solar heating method: This method allows heat to circulate naturally in a building without the use of external energy.


3- The benefits of  solar energy and building decorations   and installing them on roofs.

The solar energy market is helping to make the Earth a safe and healthy place to live with tangible applications that we see all over the world. These applications include a rooftop photovoltaic system. They are photovoltaic panels installed on roofs

A commercial, institutional or residential building that captures the light energy emitted from the sun and converts it into clean, climate-friendly electricity through photovoltaic panels.

. SMD Decoration   company explains the benefits of solar energy and building decorations and installing them on roofs:    

Cost savings: 

The rooftop photovoltaic model is very inexpensive compared to industrial and commercial electricity. Prices are cheaper. The photovoltaic rooftop model is also beneficial for the residential sector as it can power buildings directly from the grid, generate additional revenue, and can even be more durable in the long run.

An increase in the electricity of remote areas  

There are still many areas in the world, both urban and rural, that do not have enough electricity for the population. In these areas, the rooftop solar model serves as an economical and reliable source of energy because it is inexpensive and safer than other alternatives such as generators. diesel.

Better use of available space:

 Solar projects usually require a large amount of space to install panels and other equipment. The solar panels will be installed on the roofs, using the available roof space, reducing the need to invest in additional land. The panels also ensure the protection of the surface of the building in which they are installed.

Low maintenance costs: 

 A rooftop photovoltaic system requires annual maintenance and very low fixed costs because it has no moving parts or fuel and uses less water.




Safe investment:

 Electricity prices fluctuate cyclically. However, when generating electricity on the roof, it is easy to calculate the price of the energy generated. In fact, you can even calculate the cost of generating electricity over the next ten years. So it is a safe investment.

Distribution companies support: 

The photovoltaic rooftop model plays an important role in supporting distribution companies in reducing peak demand while reducing transmission and distribution losses associated with energy consumption at the generation site. The model also plays an important role in avoiding commercial investments related to transportation systems. More importantly, it serves as a stable, long-term and reliable source of energy for consumers, reducing dependence on generators and diesel.

green energy source: 

The rooftop solar model has less risk of pollution than conventional energy sources. It does not use fuel that emits harmful gases to generate electricity and does not make noise.In this way, the rooftop solar module reduces carbon dioxide emissions and contributes to environmental protection.


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4- Solar energy, building decorations,   and services provided by SMD Decoration   : 

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Because the SMD Decoration company     advises every engineer when carrying out  solar energy works and building decorations   to follow his method in the process of preparing for the project and gives his creativity that he does to reach the desired results 

SMD Decoration is the best distinguished company, so that when you receive a specific project, you follow it up, starting from setting the plan in terms of small details, all the way to putting the final finishes, 

And SMD Decoration uses the best cadres of designers, architects, interior engineers and artists as well, in order to give distinctive and impressive results to its customers, so we put our own mark in any field by focusing on simple details to give great results such as thinking about the consistency between the surrounding environment and the exterior design To contact customer service, click here 


We would like to point out that SMD Decoration   for interior design and decoration in Turkey does not use bitcoins or digital currencies in its business dealings, but rather charges its fees through paper currencies or bank transfers.