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Decoration future professions and job opportunities

Decoration future professions and job opportunities

Date: 2023/03/30


Table Of Contents

1- What is decoration?

Decoration is the science that adapts different cultures and capabilities in the service of designing aesthetic elements within inherited customs and traditions, and relies on creativity and innovation techniques, so that the designer handles all his materials, spaces, places and lighting; To achieve an integrated design, through his familiarity with the foundations, architectural methods and their various techniques, and his knowledge of all the materials and tools that he will deal with during the implementation of the work, and how to use colors and combine them with each other.

Decoration engineering sciences are generally interested in highlighting the aesthetic shape of the paintings, and designing their internal features according to a distinctive artistic touch and special taste, which implicitly assumes the presence of a real talent, a magical hand of the interior designer, and the ability to create innovative artistic paintings that carry creative ideas, and perhaps the creativity of the interior designer is manifested. When he is given absolute freedom to act without interference imposed by another party, as the most difficult step in the work of an interior designer is his confrontation with many different tastes between customers and the workforce.


2- Who is the interior designer?

The interior designer is the one who possesses creative creative thinking and imaginative skills that enable him to create new ideas and implement them on the ground and visualize the drawn ideas, taking into account the workspace.

The interior designer is the person who transforms the interior spaces that exist inside apartments, commercial buildings, or companies into practical, safe, and beautiful spaces at the same time. And the professional interior designer is the one who plans all the details of the work from the beginning in order to be able to present an approximate design to the customer.


3- What are the qualifications that an interior designer can obtain to do his work?


  • Obtaining a bachelor's or master's degree in interior design or interior design.
  • Obtaining many training courses that are accredited certificates to enhance skills and understanding.
  • Obtaining sufficient experience in the field of work.


4- Skills that must be available to an interior designer

Certainly, the interior designer needs many skills in order to be able to carry out his work properly, the most important of which are the following:

  • Possess high communication skills with others, as the engineer deals with a lot of customers, so he must possess effective oral and written communication.
  • Having a vision or a prior perception of things, so the engineer must plan well in order to be able to form a final picture of the work.
  • The ability to be creative and innovative, and the ability to translate graphics into realistic designs.
  • Having sufficient flexibility so that the engineer can deal with the different personalities and tastes of customers.
  • The ability to solve problems as soon as they occur without delay.
  • The ability to determine the budget needed by the project without increase or decrease.
  • The ability to use programs or applications for interior designers, as this is very necessary in the era of technology in which we live.


5- Useful engineering programs for interior designers

The use of engineering programs provided by technology in the current era will help the engineer achieve success faster, so the engineer must use these programs to help him succeed, and the following are the most prominent of these programs:

  • Autodesk AutoCAD LT: It is one of the most important programs that interior engineers can use, as it allows the engineer to design, draft and document accurate drawings using 2D geometry. In addition, the program contains a comprehensive set of editing and annotation tools and an easy-to-use user interface that makes work easier.
  • SketchUp Pro: This program provides quick and easy 3D models of contemporary buildings and furnishings, enabling the engineer to advise clients in stunning detail, and to provide a preview of the project.
  • ArchiCAD 23: This program enables the engineer to create accurate construction details and estimate the quantities that the engineer needs to work in, in addition to that the engineer can get enhanced real-time renderings and the latest visualizations that can be edited on the go, with the ability to check the design, and enter the requirements that are required customer wants it.


6- What is the nature of the work of an interior designer?

  • Sitting with the customer face to face, and seeing all the things he prefers, and the options he desires.
  • Talking to the client about the available budget and the deadline for completing the required work.
  • Drawing designs and creating a plan to get started.
  • Once the client approves the engineer's design, the engineer must start work and distribute it to the people working on the project such as contractors, electricians and others.


7- Fields of work of the interior designer

The field of work is widely open to the interior designer , as a person who has a degree in decoration engineering and interior design can occupy many jobs, most notably the following:

  • Interior and spatial designer.
  • Designed for any exhibition.
  • Work in production design, and this includes working in theatre, movies, and designing decorations appropriate to the proposed story.
  • Work in different real estate.
  • Furniture designer.
  • Graphic designer.
  • lighting design.


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