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Decoration and rental prices in Türkiye

Decoration and rental prices in Türkiye

Date: 2023/11/03


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The best rental prices in Turkey

In Turkey, the prices of decorations vary according to the place of residence and the city in which the person will live, and the costs of apartments in Turkey vary depending on whether they are furnished or not furnished. And now we want to know the average prices and costs of rental prices Turkey and rental prices in Istanbul


If you want an apartment with two rooms, you will find it in coastal areas and may have a sea view, ranging from 15000,25000 to <>,<> liras per month.


And everything we go to the capital of Turkey, meaning Istanbul, and the cities next to it, increases the price of apartments. For example, you can find a small apartment on the outskirts of Istanbul between 6000,10000 and <>,<> TL per month.


In Istanbul and the cities next to it, the prices of two-room apartments are between 8000,12000 and <>,<> liras.


For apartments in Istanbul with 3 rooms, the average rent per month is between 12000,24000 and <>,<> TL.


Apartments with 4 rooms can have average monthly prices between 24000,30000 and <>,<> TL.


Apartment Decorations in Turkey


The decorations of luxury apartments in Turkey vary greatly and depend on the choices of the apartment owner and the style in which they want to achieve. There are many styles and decorations that are reflected in apartments in Turkey and you can be a source of inspiration:


Turkish traditional style: in which warm colors such as red, gold and brown. Traditional Turkish tiles are used for wall decorations.


Modern and simple style: the colors are calm and clean, such as white and gray. The furniture is usually simple and has not many decorative details.


Marine and coastal style:

Blue and white colors play a big role, and the furniture is light wood and décor free.


Luxurious and elegant style:

It has rich colors such as red, gold and purple. The furniture is luxurious and has decorative details.


Indoor garden method:

It has indoor plants and natural colors, green and brown are important.


Industrial Method:

A bitthat has pastel colors and the use of metal and raw wood. BThe pipes and wires are included as part of the design.


Contemporary style with Turkish touches:

Turkish touches are intertwined with modern style, such as the use of traditional Turkish carpets or paintings inspired by Turkish art.


Remember, the décor depends heavily on the taste and needs of the owner of the apartment, and you can specialize it and modify it according to your desire.


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Home Decor in Turkey

Simple home decorations in Turkey have many advantages, because they can make the house sweeter and more comfortable for guests, and also help facilitate maintenance. Decorations and decorations can be added to the house, and this can increase its value and attractiveness for people who are thinking of buying it.


When you study your home in Turkey, you meet a different type of methods and materials. In traditional Turkish designs, Bacon is in vivid colors and complex decorations, and in modern designs, it is simple and elegant. There are furniture and accessories you can choose from, such as carpets, curtains, lamps, artwork, mirrors and even window treatments.


You can use the décor to create a certain atmosphere in the house. For example, if you provide the house with bright colors, you can create a lively and attractive atmosphere. If you use neutral colors, you can create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. You can decorate the house with decorative elements such as flowers, candles, mirrors, etc. to enhance the appearance of the house.


The decorations can also help improve the use of space in the house. For example, shelves and wall cabinets can be used to store books or display valuables. Carpets can give extra texture to hard floors.


Decoration prices in Turkey


Interior decoration design Bacon is a very important part of the process of renovating or furnishing houses and apartments in Turkey. Changing the décor and improving the shape of the space inside the house has a great impact, giving an artistic touch and decorating the place and increasing its attractiveness.


Turkey decoration prices vary greatly according to several important factors. These factors include the size of the project, the type of work you want to do, the quality and quality of the materials the designer will use, the experience of the designer or company you want to work with, and the level of detail you want to achieve.


Also, the size of the project greatly affects the price. The larger and more complex the project, the higher the cost. For example, the prices of decoration in Ankara for a small apartment are completely different from the interior design of a large house.


If you are looking to update your home décor in Turkey, you should think about your budget and your own goals. Before you start an interior design project,

Whether you are looking for minor improvements or a complete home renovation, décor design in Turkey can be an excellent investment in your home and its quality.


Apartment prices in Turkey


For $250,<>, you can buy a well-defined apartment in a big city like Istanbul.

In general, the prices of apartments in Bodrum by property in Turkey remain relatively reasonable compared to countries where Turkey real estate shares the same advantages.

The real estate and construction sector in Turkey is expected to continue to grow and increase its profits,

Arab and European investors are expected to remain interested in these sectors in Turkey due to the expected profits from a continuous improvement in apartment prices in Turkey.

There are still wide areas and opportunities for investment in Turkey that have not yet been exploited and have not attracted investors and developers,

But it remains under their watch due to its current low cost and promising strategic location.

Statistics indicate that Istanbul alone needs about two million new housing units,

Therefore, government and private construction companies continue to start new residential projects and offer apartments for sale in Turkey,

Which indicates that apartment prices in Turkey will rise in the future. Customers are always looking for approximate estimates to answer their frequently asked question: What is the price of apartments in Turkey? Therefore, it is important to emphasize that the price is controlled by many factors, such as the property, the city, and other things related to it.


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