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Interior decoration is your way to happiness and to get rid of stereotypes

Interior decoration is your way to happiness and to get rid of stereotypes

Date: 2023/05/04


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction:

Decoration means  is the process of coordinating and integrating the characteristics of the building from the inside and ensuring all the necessary conditions for its correct use. Interior decoration is not limited to apartments, but includes all types of administrative, residential, and commercial buildings, as well as schools, hospitals, and others.  

Interior decoration makes things fun and beautiful. It is the artist’s arrangement of his psychological subjects in a form. Interior decoration reformulates ideas and trains them to apply them practically. Decoration is crazy  . It explores all aspects of the idea and defines the initial concept through the form of implementation and how this idea affects its environment.  

Decoration means   the art of shaping and decorating spaces created by humans, and this field is closely related to architecture, and despite the obvious concern for the aesthetics of places 

and its design 

The world of decoration  is a science that adapts different cultures and integrates aesthetic elements within the framework of ancestral uses and customs, and interior decoration is based on creativity and innovation techniques. With all its materials, spaces, places and lights to obtain an integrated interior decoration,


The SMD Decoration  company   provides the art of  interior decoration according to creative and aesthetic services. The SMD Decoration company shows  you, dear reader, the rules  of interior decoration    according to the following:  

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2- The concept   of decoration and its types  .    


The world of decoration   contains many different tastes, related to colors, materials and fabrics, full of secrets, especially in the way of organization and arrangement, and whatever the luxury of the house or the place in which the interior decoration is to be organized, the interior decoration remains the magic touch that affects the general appearance, so either the interior decoration leaves it. more beautiful, or it makes it look unorganized and unbeautiful. Interior decoration needs talent in organizing and creating its own shapes and models. SMD Decoration has people who specialize in interior decoration and color coordination and are able to design interior decoration with complete perfection,      

The idea of ​​interior decoration depends  on the elements of the artwork that meet in achieving the goal for which it was found, and the concept of interior decoration  depends on reshaping and formulating ideas to apply them on the ground, and formulating these ideas by studying all aspects of the idea and putting them into practice, and the decoration process is completed The interior draws a depiction of the shape it will take on reality, and all aspects that affect the interior decoration are taken into account when implemented on the ground.   

And because  SMD Decoration   is the most distinguished company in the art of interior decoration,  it shows you, dear reader, the types of decoration used. Let's go….

 To watch a video about the steps of the art of interior decoration, click here    

 Classic interior decoration

An important feature that distinguishes classic interior decoration  is luxury and originality in every detail

  The classic interior decoration dates back to the Greek and Roman eras, and the most used colors, except for black, are brown, gold and beige. The fabrics used are silk and cotton, and the floors are usually wood and marble. Many artifacts have been added 

Vases and candles to give a special touch to the rooms of the house.

Modern interior decoration

Modern decoration   depends on a group of interior decorations that rely on simplicity. Interior decoration contains simple and elegant modern interior designs. Modern interior decoration focuses on a degree of simplification of technology and the use of modern materials in the building and construction process, as well as providing open spaces free of columns and reducing the use of walls in partition work, which is why modern interior decoration is considered the best interior decoration

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The interior decoration is neoclassical 

  The neo-classical interior decoration  reflects elegance and originality while respecting the latest interior designs, the neo-classical interior decoration is definitely your first choice. This style is a mixture of past and present, which means it features elements that follow classic luxury fashion. Size, color and pattern are just some of the basic and subtle criteria that must be considered when decorating a neo-classical interior. It should be noted that the color palette of this style is represented by shades of beige and brown, as well as wood in its light and dark colors, and does not contain bright and vibrant colors.

Traditional interior decoration  

Traditional interior decoration is a very old style that precedes classic interior decoration. Traditional interior decoration tends to coordinate and order, which is evident in the selection of furniture, the consistency of furniture, the way it fits together, and the use of dark colors. Traditional motifs, columns, paintings and cushions have also been added in some parts, and vertical lines are added with horizontal lines and various curves .

3- The important basics of  interior decoration  .  

It is not necessary to use luxurious pieces to get a beautiful interior decoration  .

When we start implementing the interior decoration, we need steps before starting it and good coordination so that the work comes out as we want, as the lack of arrangement of the steps and good organization leads to wasting time in vain, so we resorted to an idea. Some general rules for interior decoration must be known to be implemented, knowing that simplicity is the basis of the art and beauty   of interior decoration  

SMD Decoration     advises every engineer when implementing the interior decoration  to follow his method in the preparation process for the project and gives his creativity to reach the desired results. SMD Decoration explains the basics, rules, and color coordination in decoration

   So let us begin…

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First: the idea 

The idea in interior decoration is what the customer explains when ordering interior decoration. It is considered the most important point of interior decoration, as we take all the ideas from the customer, arrange them and put them within a clear work plan , and record and organize them within a special scheme.  

Second: research and implementation 

After knowing the purpose of the interior decoration and what the customer wants, you search for the name of the company or the customer, its activity and its website, and also get to know the audience following this company or the customer and what the company’s business and activity are. This is an important step for the start of a successful interior decoration .  

The importance of the interior decoration stages lies  in making the best use of the available space for the place based on the professionalism of the interior decoration . Here are the most important points that explain the importance of interior decoration

Make the most of the available spaces 

Ease of maintenance operations 

Cost saving 

Suitable design based on the customer's desire 


SMD Decoration is trying to follow the previous policies and additional conditions set by the customer and apply them in all stages of interior decoration in order to satisfy him and obtain his confidence and maintain its worth and strength in the labor market with its good reputation in interior decoration.


4- The art of interior decoration   and services provided by SMD Decoration   : 

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SMD Decoration is  one of the most distinguished companies in the field of decoration engineering  , so that when you receive a specific project, you follow it up, starting from developing the plan in terms of small details, all the way to final finishes, and SMD Decoration uses the best cadres of designers, architects, interior designers and artists Also, in order to give distinguished and impressive results to its customers, and it follows up all global developments in the field of interior decoration and design in order to remain a leader in the field of interior decoration  , ahead of hundreds of steps. If you are looking for excellence, then the company is your first and only choice, because excellence is a decision and not a mere coincidence. He decided to be distinguished through services  The distinctive SMD Decoration that we offer you, so we put our own mark in any field by focusing on simple details to give great results, such as thinking about the consistency between the surrounding environment and the external design. To communicate with customer service, click here 


We would like to point out that SMD Decoration   for interior design and decoration in Turkey does not use bitcoins or digital currencies in its business dealings, but rather charges its fees through paper currencies or bank transfers.