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Decorations in the virtual world is a world of imagination

Decorations in the virtual world is a world of imagination

Date: 2023/04/02


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1- Introduction:

Virtual reality in architecture is becoming an increasingly popular scenario as more and more architects are incorporating virtual reality in architecture into their practices. Along with its cousins, augmented reality and mixed reality, virtual reality enables designers to push the boundaries of visualization.

and offering new ways for colleagues and clients to experience a building or space long before it is created and understood. Thanks to virtual reality, architects can implement decorations in the virtual world to not only convey the shape of the building, but also its appearance.

 Decorations in the virtual world are not limited to apartments, but include all types of administrative, residential and commercial buildings as well as schools, hospitals, etc. Decorations in the virtual world  is a process of interaction with the interior space, its design and its full development in terms of aesthetics and functionality, in order to create pleasure and comfort in the use of the place, and it happens It is ubiquitous because it is found in residential and commercial homes. Activities, tourists, entertainment and other buildings. It is the process of coordinating and integrating the characteristics of the building from the inside and ensuring all the necessary conditions for its correct use. What makes things interesting and beautiful is the artist's arrangement of his psychological subjects in a form 

 Decorations in the virtual world is a technology that connects the real physical world with the digital world because it provides an interactive environment that enhances understanding and learning in the real world. This is achieved by capturing digital images, different sounds, and other sensory stimuli through the holographic imaging technology of objects and converting them into

3D shape.

SMD Decoration  provides   the art  of decorations in the virtual world   according to creative and artistic professional services   

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Decoration relationship with virtual reality

Virtual reality is one of the latest technologies used in the world of interior design, as it can be used to create and design interiors in an interactive and realistic way. Through the use of virtual reality systems, designers and architects can create 3D models of buildings, interiors, and furniture.

This technology allows clients and users to experience design in an exciting and realistic way, as they can move within the designed space and interact with furniture and fixtures in a life-like manner. Customers can also change the colours, materials and lighting, allowing them to have a custom design that best meets their needs.

The use of virtual reality helps reduce costs and time needed to create project models, as designers can quickly and easily make modifications and changes to designs before starting project implementation. It also helps reduce errors and subsequent changes in the advanced stages of the project.

In this way, modern technology of virtual reality helps to improve interior design processes, saving time, effort and money in the creative process

Moreover, virtual reality technology increases the possibility of interaction and collaboration between designers and clients, as clients can connect with designers, view models, and make modifications to them easily. The use of this technology also helps in improving marketing and presentation processes for projects, as designs can be presented better and clearer to customers and the public.

Overall, VR technology is a powerful tool for improving the interior design process, enabling clients and designers to communicate and interact in an innovative and realistic way.

2- The field of decorations in the virtual world 

Decorations in the virtual world and its applications in architectural design have become   one of the extraordinary technological means used in marketing architectural projects, thanks to which the client can be sure that the result will be the same three-dimensional image shown on the computer, and since then, he has relied on virtual reality technology as a means that allows For non-professionals to see the project in its final state.  It contains many different tastes, related to colors, materials, and fabrics, and is full of secrets, especially in the way of organization and arrangement

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And because SMD Decoration   is the most distinguished and creative  company  in interior design and decoration, it shows you, dear reader, the field of decoration work in the virtual world    . Let's go….


virtual architecture


Modern digital solutions have affected most areas that we encounter and know, and the field of architecture remained unchanged until the advent of virtual reality, which changed the way Maris interacted throughout his life and transcended spaces architecturally; Because our reality is made up of a bunch of

It is a multiple expression, and each civilization is characterized by a specific personality that has its own characteristics and components.


And part of the real world, and dealing with it in the field of architectural design, it is necessary to acquire additional architectural skills so that architects can work with modern devices to keep pace with modernity to maintain. future changes in the world.


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Virtual reality in interior design


Virtual reality and its applications in architecture and interior design, as technological developments led to a scientific revolution that affected the development of interior design and led to radical changes in the design and intellectual concept of interior spaces in various fields.


Thanks to simulation and virtual reality, it has become possible to work on creating a virtual environment indoors, attracting people with apartments and 3D shapes embodied in space using advanced modern technologies.


 The future and virtual reality


Virtual reality and its applications in architectural design and virtual reality technology has been classified as a technology of the distant future, but it is now widely used and widely used in many fields, and virtual reality technology has contributed greatly to the development of

Architecture contributed in all its aspects (design, engineering management systems, construction process, design concepts

The physical power of a computer enabled him to create visual environments for all kinds of applications, including geographic information systems and video games, as well as architectural graphic design and industrial architectural design. And in 1994 he added the continuity of reality model to the virtual environment, the goal is to combine the elements of reality to communicate with virtual reality to show a hybrid reality that allows continuity between two worlds.

With regard to future engineering and virtual reality, Tim Cook says that thanks to this technology, it is possible to interact with the environment with all its contents, as the user can share his vision and his world through an interactive application that can create the floor, which is an idea and a new method aimed at transferring and disseminating human knowledge, and this will happen in the year

With a double screen through which the tectonic movement occurs in the world of communications.




3- Uses of decorations in the virtual world   .


Decorations in the virtual world and architectural design occupy   a special and important place among architects as architectural thinking and work depend on it, and for this reason it is considered scientific and practical among architects at the forefront of attention, and the architectural project occupies this place because it is the product that embodies study, research and creative thinking. The latest technologies provide access to all information and modern solutions that show creative ideas very clearly and simply and solve architectural problems, and among the modern technologies that have helped architects a lot, there are

Virtual reality and its applications in architectural design, it also allows architects to see design and creative ideas in three dimensions as in reality.

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Virtual reality technologies have proliferated in recent years, and now, thanks to a group of architects, there has been a dramatic shift in design work and excitement in creating configurations that mimic fantasy environments.


By using virtual reality and walking between buildings, the user is able to see the buildings in three dimensions, given different dimensions and dimensions, whether in terms of distance, depth or proximity, and the virtual reality mechanism works accordingly. The principle of augmented reality, where they both start from creating the 3D model for the game and both aim to experience the model off-screen.


SMD Decoration is trying to follow the previous policies and additional conditions set by the customer and apply them in all stages of decorations in the virtual world in order to satisfy him and obtain his trust and maintain its worth and strength in the labor market with its good reputation in interior decoration.


4- Decorations in the virtual world  and services provided by SMD Decoration   . 

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 SMD Decoration shows that    it is very clear that technology affects our lives in almost every way, and the impact of technology on the interior design industry will not be far away.


It is therefore in the interest of interior designers to be aware of these new technologies so that they can prepare for them for future changes and improvements.

The SMD Decoration   company is one of the most distinguished companies, so that when you receive a specific project, you follow it up, starting from the plan in terms of small details, all the way to the final finishes, and the last, and the SMD Decoration company uses the best cadres of designers, architects, interior designers, and artists as well. To give distinctive and impressive results to its customers, and to follow all international developments in the field of interior decoration and design in order to remain a leader in the field of decorations in the virtual world   . through services  The distinctive SMD Decoration that we offer you, so we put our own mark in any field by focusing on simple details to give great results, such as thinking about the consistency between the surrounding environment and the external design. To communicate with customer service, click here 


We would like to point out that SMD Decoration   for interior design and decoration in Turkey does not use bitcoins or digital currencies in its business dealings, but rather charges its fees through paper currencies or bank transfers.

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