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Design, implementation and the role of Smd Decoration for interior design and decoration in Turkey

Design, implementation and the role of Smd Decoration for interior design and decoration in Turkey

Date: 2023/04/08


Table Of Contents

1- What is interior design?

Design is a blueprint for the work that is supposed to be directed by the manager, business owner, or owner of knowledge to those who work with him.

Design as a name used either for a final plan (eg, drawing, model, description) or the result of implementing that plan in the form of the final product of the design process. The final product can be anything from socks and jewelry to graphical user interfaces and diagrams, even imaginative ideas like Corporate identity and cultural traditions such as the celebration of certain holidays (sometimes designed in general) were also treated as design products, and this gave the term process design a new meaning.

The person who designs is called a “designer”, which is also a term for people who work professionally in one of the different fields of design and usually refer to the subject they are dealing with (for example, concept or web design often requires the designer to take into account aesthetic, functional, and many other aspects of an object or process, usually requiring a great deal of research, thought, modeling, interactive customization, and redesign)

Interior design is defined as the art of planning, designing, and beautifying human-made spaces. This field is closely related to architecture. Although there has been a clear interest in the aesthetics and design of places throughout the ages; However, the field of interior design is still relatively young, and it is worth noting that the name interior decoration was given to it in the past, which was loose and lacked specification, which led specialists to use a more accurate term, so it was called interior design, which is known in some European countries as interior architecture. .

2- The nature of work in interior design

The interior designer creates interior designs for buildings, hospitals, hotels and restaurants, where the size and nature of the work is determined in cooperation with the client, so the interior designer takes many things into consideration, including the clients’ tastes and budgets, then draws customer-specific plans that are created using special design programs and not manually, It presents these charts accompanied by colored charts, fabric samples, and some photos. It also provides a study of the total cost of the work, and it is worth noting that the designer can make several plans before they are approved by the client.


3- Conditions for starting the design

  • Know the purpose behind the use of the design.
  • Easy to disassemble and move it from one place to another, without affecting its quality.
  • Choosing quality materials suitable for the budget of the design student.
  • Adopting colors that match the desire and psychology of the student.
  • Ease of movement between its elements.
  • Make good and effective use of ventilation spaces.


4- Important foundations for successful design

  • Any design needs a set of foundations that form a certain dynamic of the elements used, which achieves a beautiful rhythm with a unified shape, and the most important of these foundations are:
  • Balance in composition, a state in which design elements are distributed in moderation and harmony, which enhances a sense of comfort for the viewer.
  • Design unity, which often appears when defining the relationship between elements according to a specific rule, indicates the designer's awareness when planning his design elements, and among these rules:
  • Shape and size symmetry between the elements.
  • spatial component proximity.
  • Color symmetry between the elements, colors and lines play an important role in linking the design elements together.
  • The void is that space that is found in the general form of the design, and is determined when the relationship between the elements used and the ground on which they will be located are realized.


5- What is an executive designer?

The executive designer is to provide the client with a clear picture of the final form of the project Thinking about how to use and exploit the spaces Preparing plans and design prototypes Working directly with architects, architectural designers, construction engineers, and construction workers.


6- Design and implementation

The implementation of designs drawn on paper is hard work and a fine art that requires many precise steps that the designer must follow to be creative and with good taste. The main implementation steps for any design are:

  • planning

Planning is the most important step in the design process, as it is the cornerstone and a very important factor in determining the basic principles of interior design, and the first thing that the designer must do is visit the place, whether it is a house, a cafe, or a room.

After visiting the place, the designer determines its dimensions so that he is fully aware of the type of design that he will rely on, then he determines the methods and means that he will rely on in creating the design through visiting and verifying the details and dimensions of the place.

Then, the appropriate colors must be determined and the furniture distributed according to the customers’ requirements and tastes, with a reasonable budget for the design so that it is appropriate and compatible with the site being designed.

The planning stage comes down to paper for a small project in the office, before the 3D design begins, leading to implementation on site.

  • implementation

After completing the good planning of the project, determining the appropriate budget, finalizing the 3D designs and choosing the appropriate colors, the next stage comes, which is considered the most important stage, which is the implementation stage, which expresses what is to come on paper, to turn drafts and plans into reality.

At the beginning of the implementation, drafts and plans are saved on the ground, color samples are approved, and the required shapes are chosen according to the design and reality. The trained designer remains the creative person who knows how to deal with his affairs accurately and professionally through correct thinking and continuous planning.

Accuracy and professionalism are a task that can only be mastered by those who have mastered their work and set their goals.

That is, successful implementation always comes after successful design , and even it is one of its steps, and no project can be implemented unless it is designed on paper with correct dimensions and sizes suitable for the place on which the project will be built.


7- Smd Decoration company  for interior design and decoration in Turkey

Smd Decoration company for decoration in Turkey , based in Istanbul, specializing in luxury residential projects, decoration, interior design, exterior cladding, and Turkish cafe decorations, it has done amazing projects in many Turkish provinces to be on top of decoration companies in Turkey, its designs for decoration are professional and passionate to meet the ambition of its customers. Its vision: SMD Company for interior design, decoration and real estate development in Turkey is with you in your home, office, workplace, or investment. It aims to create beauty and sophistication wherever it is located. It starts from the idea of ​​the real estate project, through the stages of its implementation, until marketing the project and selling it, in addition to interior design, decoration and decorations for reception desks. It is not just a service that you provide, but a lifestyle that creates designs that put you in the heart of modernity.

Excellence in design, success in execution, quality and research are central to Smd Decoration's approach to decoration in Turkey . Each project is a unique opportunity to value the client's vision and exceed his or her expectations. It works with a qualified team in close contact with clients, consultants and suppliers, it works with enthusiasm and passion and encourages a creative and professional environment so the level of personal service is high, along with respect for its values ​​in terms of cost and time, and it is proud of its unique relationship with the client.

In the Smd Decoration company for decoration in Turkey, a professional team works to provide all kinds of decorations in Turkey, from the oldest cities in the world to the most modern ones, and provides interior design services and exterior cladding on demand from unique and artistic things, furniture, lighting and wonderful brands to become one of the largest companies The decoration market in Istanbul by providing luxurious decoration for villas and palaces. Its work emerges from the colors of the earth and the city to become the best decoration company in Türkiye. Its goal: Its goal and the goal of its customers are the same, and it works with them with one hand to achieve the desired dream within the limits of the allocated budgets, high quality, and impressive success.