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Etiquette and decoration on Eid

Etiquette and decoration on Eid

Date: 2024/04/11


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The blessed Eid al-Fitr is upon us in the Islamic world, as the holiday brings with it the meanings of giving and communication. We await this holiday with great eagerness, as we decorate our homes, prepare the most delicious foods, and create a family atmosphere full of love and happiness.


 We, as SMD Decoration Company, will present to you a set of creative ideas for celebrating Eid al-Fitr 2024, which will help you make this holiday special and unforgettable. We will review some ideas that you can implement on this happy holiday.

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Here are some creative ideas to decorate your home on Eid Al-Fitr:


 Zeina inspired by our Arab culture:


Get inspiration for your Eid decorations from our Arab heritage. You can use colors and geometric shapes for decoration. For example, you can make colorful paper lanterns and hang them in the yard or inside the house. Or you can make small tents and decorate them with lights 


Make the holiday table the focus of guests' attention by decorating it with eye-catching items. You can place colorful flower bouquets in a glass bowl and decorate them with colorful ribbons and gold leaves. You can also place scented candles decorated with distinctive shapes on the table.


Colorful lanterns: Lanterns add a traditional touch to holiday decorations, especially when hung on windows and doors. They can be used to light up dark spaces or add a touch of magic to outdoor spaces on warm summer nights.


Islamic decorations: Islamic decorations such as Arabic calligraphy and geometric patterns can be used. These decorations are considered one of the most important aesthetic elements in Islamic culture, and reflect the rich heritage and uniqueness of the region. They can be used to decorate walls, columns, or even furniture. 


Arab tents: You can set up a small Arab tent in one of the corners of the house, and enjoy Arabic coffee and sweets with family and friends. You can decorate the tent with colors and patterned fabrics and equip it with entertainment such as music and games.


Modern decorations to suit different tastes: 


In addition to Arab traditions, you can use modern decorations that suit different tastes and reflect modern style. Colored lights or contemporary decorations can be used. You can choose the decorations that you like and reflect your personality, whether they are artistic paintings, colorful pillows, or even indoor plants. The goal is to create a welcoming atmosphere in the home and make Eid a special experience for everyone.


If you're looking for creative ways to prepare your home for the holidays, here are some great ideas:


  1. LED lighting: Use LED lighting with dazzling colors. You can hang lights in the garden, around windows, or even inside rooms. For example, you can use red and green LED lights to give a Christmas tree effect.


  1. Balloons: Decorate the house with balloons in holiday colors such as green, white and yellow. You can hang balloons in the hall or hang them on the walls. You can also use balloons to decorate the dining table or hang them in the air.


  1. Natural roses: Distribute natural roses with a refreshing scent throughout the house. You can put some roses in the bathroom, on the coffee table in the hall, or even in the bedroom to add a touch of elegance to the place.

 Handmade embellishments for a personal touch:


 Make handmade decorations such as colorful ribbons or paper shapes to add a unique, personal touch to the home. You can hang these decorations on the walls or place them on the tables to add a touch of creativity and originality to the overall decor.

Get ready to celebrate Eid al-Fitr with your children by making decorations. You can use simple materials such as paper, cardboard, and colors to achieve this. You can also use recycled materials to turn them into unique decorative pieces.


In addition, you can write congratulatory phrases on small boards and hang them at home. This will express your joy on Eid.


Tips for arranging the house in preparation for Eid:


Comprehensive cleaning and arrangement of furniture:


Regarding arranging the house, you can start with a thorough cleaning of the house and arranging the furniture. This may be a good opportunity to get rid of unused items and organize the remaining items appropriately. You can also clean windows and floors and arrange things in their proper place.


In preparation for Eid, you can also renew the furniture with some simple touches. For example, you can cover the chairs with new covers or decorate the tables with colorful tablecloths.


Allocate enough time to thoroughly clean the house and get rid of any clutter or dust that may accumulate. Arrange the furniture in a way that allows plenty of room to move around and creates an open, comfortable atmosphere. 


Removing clutter and organizing closets:


 You may have many items and clothes accumulated in your closets, but it is necessary that you arrange them in an organized and appropriate manner. For example, you can imagine that cabinets are small stores that contain many items well arranged and organized, which makes searching for things easier and smoother.

Getting rid of unnecessary or broken things is an important step to organizing your home. You may find that once you get rid of things you no longer need or that are damaged, you will have a larger, more organized space for essential items.


When you organize your cabinets, you can arrange their contents in an organized manner to make it easier to access the things you need. You can use boxes or containers to organize similar items together and maintain order.


Use refreshing perfumes:


 You can use refreshing perfumes in rooms and places that need to purify the air, such as bathrooms or kitchens. You can choose the perfumes you like that reflect your personal style.


For example, you can compare cleaning the house to arranging clothes in the closet. When you clean the house and get rid of unnecessary things, you can have more space to organize essential things in an organized manner, just as you organize clothes in the closet by colors or types.


Also, using refreshing perfumes can be like placing roses in the room. Refreshing perfumes add a touch of freshness to the home, just as roses add a touch of fragrance to a room.


Use perfumes with scents of oud, rose, or musk. Using these perfumes gives your guests a sense of joy.

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Etiquette for dealing with guests on Eid:


When dealing with guests on Eid, here are some tips that can help you show good hospitality and a gracious reception:


Warm welcome and gracious hospitality:


Regarding the etiquette for dealing with guests on Eid, you must be welcoming and warm in welcoming guests. Greet them with a smile and a warm welcome, and express your appreciation for their presence in a generous way. You can offer guests refreshing drinks or coffee and tea upon their arrival to show your hospitality and care.


Furthermore, you may need to provide a comfortable space for guests to relax and enjoy their time. You can set up a comfortable living room with entertainment such as games, books or TV to provide an enjoyable experience for guests.


Don't forget to show your genuine interest in your guests, listen to what they have to say, and interact with them positively. You can ask questions like, "How was your trip?" Or "Would you like to share your latest news with us?" To start a fun conversation and strengthen social connections.


Exchanging gifts and offering congratulations:


Exchanging gifts with family and friends is a token of appreciation. When we give a gift to someone on Eid al-Fitr, we express our love and care for them. The gift can be anything that expresses care and appreciation, such as a bouquet of flowers or a box of their favorite candy.


When offering congratulations, you can use kind and encouraging words to express your happiness at their presence and your wishes for success and happiness. You can also mention some inspiring examples or beautiful sayings to brighten the mood of your congratulations. 


In addition, it is important to extend congratulations to everyone on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr. It is a time for communication and friendly exchange between individuals. We can say “Happy Eid al-Fitr” or “May God accept good deeds from us and from you” to express our good wishes and appreciation to others.


Create an atmosphere of fun and communication:


Create an atmosphere full of liveliness and interaction among guests. Encouraging dialogue and discussions among guests to exchange different views and ideas. 

 Everyone participated in fun games and activities that enhance communication and cooperation between them. 


For example, organize a “hot discussion” game. Divide the guests into small groups and direct them to discuss a specific topic. Encouraging them to express their opinions freely and respecting different opinions. Also organize an entertainment activity, as these activities will contribute to enhancing communication and interaction among the guests. It had a positive impact on the general atmosphere and made Eid a special experience for everyone.


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Traditional and modern foods suitable for Eid:


Preparing distinctive dishes from various Arab countries:


On the occasion of Eid, many people love to eat and serve delicious dishes to family members and friends. Therefore, it is possible to prepare traditional and modern foods from various Arab countries 

It is nice to enjoy tasting traditional dishes from our country, as they carry with them the character of the culture and heritage to which we belong. For example, you can prepare Saudi Kabsa, which is distinguished by its unique combination of rice, meat and delicious spices. Kabsa is a complete meal that combines distinctive flavors and simple preparation.


But why not take up the challenge and try preparing new dishes from other Arab countries? For example, you can prepare Lebanese fattah, which consists of grilled meat, toasted bread, and delicious sauce. Fattah is a delicious and nutritious meal that reflects the diversity of Lebanese cuisine.


In addition, you can try preparing the famous Egyptian koshari, which consists of rice, pasta, lentils and sauce. Koshary is a nutritious meal full of distinctive flavors that embody the culture and heritage of Egypt.


Providing Eid al-Fitr sweets:


If you want to offer something delicious and enjoyable for everyone, desserts are a great choice. It is difficult to find someone who does not enjoy eating dessert after a delicious meal.

Desserts such as cakes, biscuits, chocolates and ice cream are some of the most delicious foods you can enjoy. It contains a wonderful combination of flavors and delicious ingredients that melt in the mouth.

 Desserts can be a great opportunity to express personal creativity. You can experiment with decorating the cakes in different shapes and colors, or adding additional ingredients such as melted chocolate or toasted hazelnuts. 


In addition, sweets can be a great gift for your loved ones. You can gift a box of handmade cookies to your best friend, or whip up a bowl of ice cream for your family on a hot day. Everyone will appreciate the effort you put into making these desserts.


Sharing food with family and friends:


Get ready to prepare a variety of cakes and biscuits, perfect for sharing with family and friends. You can serve dates and delicious Arabic sweets such as Qatayef and Kunafa. How beautiful it is to eat these foods together and exchange laughs and beautiful conversations. This occasion can be a great opportunity to experience different cultures and enjoy the diversity of foods. Do not hesitate to invite your loved ones and friends to try this fun experience.


Ideas to spend quality time with family on Eid:


Visit tourist and historical attractions:


On Eid, there are many fun ideas for spending time with family. For example, explore your beautiful city and discover its beauty and ancient history. You can take a tour of the old city neighborhoods and explore famous landmarks such as historical palaces and beautiful gardens. You can also go to another city to visit and discover its unique culture.


To learn about the history and culture of your country, you can visit museums and exhibitions. There are many museums that display artifacts and artwork that reflect the history and culture of the country. For example, you can visit the National History Museum to see exhibits that tell the story of your country from ancient times to the present.

Participation in recreational activities:


You can go to amusement parks or amusement parks: It may be fun to go out with your family or friends to amusement parks or amusement parks. There are many exciting games and activities that you can enjoy together. For example, you can ride exciting rollercoasters or slide on water slides.


You can watch a theatrical or cinematic performance: You can have a fun and exciting time at the theater or cinema. There are many exciting theatrical performances that tell exciting stories. You can also watch the latest films in the cinema and enjoy the experience of watching movies on the big screen.


You can also do sports together, such as football or swimming: it may be fun to do sports together. You can play football in the garden or go swimming in the pool. 


Have fun at home with games and movies: You can also have fun at home. You can play games together such as card games or board games. You can also watch your favorite movies together and enjoy your time at home.

We wish you a blessed and happy Eid, full of joy, joy and happiness. Enjoy spending quality time with your loved ones and friends on this happy occasion. Celebrate Eid in the most beautiful ways, such as exchanging gifts, celebrating with delicious food, and participating in fun activities. This is the time of year that brings family and friends together to enjoy good times and make new memories. Enjoy love, happiness and optimism on this special holiday.


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