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New trends in hotel decor 2024

New trends in hotel decor 2024

Date: 2023/11/22


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New trends in hotel room decor

Hotel room design and decor in 2024 is always evolving in order to meet people’s expectations and needs and provide distinctive experiences. Here are some hotel decor trends for 2024:


People care a lot about sustainability, which is why the designs in hotel rooms include sustainable elements such as the use of recycled materials and energy saving systems.


Urban design is known for its simplicity and calm colors and tries to create a modern urban atmosphere inside the rooms.


The latest hotel decor trends for 2024, using technology to develop the guest experience, such as providing voice control systems and virtual reality technologies.


The design is also important to provide comfortable beds and appropriate lighting systems to improve sleep quality. The design includes details that reflect the local culture and cultural heritage in order to give an atmosphere of authenticity.


There is an increase in demand for unique experiences in hotels, and guests are able to choose and personalize their experience and select design elements and services according to their personal needs.


The use of bold colors and distinctive patterns increases to create an innovative and distinctive atmosphere in the rooms. Multiple-use spaces: Multiple-use spaces are integrated into the rooms to better meet the needs of the guests.


It is very important that the décor design of hotel rooms in 2024 is appropriate to the character of the hotel and responds to the needs and expectations of the guests.


New trends in restaurant and hotel decor


Here are the new trends in hotel restaurant decor for 2024


These days, there is a greater emphasis on sustainability and the use of environmentally friendly materials in the design of restaurants and hotels. There is also the use of natural flowers and plants to give a natural atmosphere to the place.


 Migration towards modern and elegant design, where simple design and calm colors dominate here and thus create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere.


Global trends in hotel decor in 2024, the use of modern technologies such as digital menus and smart applications to develop the customer experience and increase their interaction.


 Unique architectural design, they work to create unique architectural places that combine art and process, and thus create a distinctive experience for visitors.


 Sensory experiences: Elements that stimulate the senses, such as lighting, music and fragrances, are used to enrich the customer experience.


 Using art and plastic arts, they combine works of art, paintings and sculptures in the design of the place in order to add a creative touch.


 Uniqueness and customization: Restaurants and hotels strive to provide unique experiences for visitors, with the possibility of customizing services and design according to the needs of customers.


 Food and drink, with a focus on providing innovative food combinations and unique culinary experiences to suit different tastes and traditions.



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New trends in pool and hotel decor

Here are new trends in hotel pool design for 2024


 The design of swimming pools and hotels uses bright colors and designs inspired by the seashore, thus creating a distinctive and sunny atmosphere.


 The design uses innovative geometric shapes and different lighting to add charm and a distinctive atmosphere.


Hotels are creating lounge areas around the pools that include modern furniture and places to eat and drink.


 Wood and rocks are used to design the pools and their surroundings. The pools are designed with infinite lengths and stunning views to provide a unique experience.


Entertainment equipment such as projectors and large screens are provided around the swimming pools to provide a unique entertainment experience.


 The health aspect is emphasized by designing areas for exercise and yoga near the swimming pools. Aquatic plants and trees are added around the pools to add a natural touch.


 Providing private swimming pools for luxury suites in hotels to provide a unique experience for guests. Pool designs include special lighting at night to provide a magical and romantic atmosphere.


These trends contribute to developing the guest experience and making their stay in hotels a more comfortable and distinguished experience.


New trends in bathroom and hotel decor

In the field of bathroom and hotel decor, several new developments have appeared in recent years. Here are some popular trends in hotel bathroom decor in 2024:


 They feature simple, clean designs with the use of calm colors such as white and grey. The modern bathroom is characterized by its straight lines and the use of elegant furniture.


Luxurious materials such as marble, decorative glass and luxurious lighting are used. It is distinguished by the use of high-quality furniture and rich colors.


 It focuses on using eco-friendly materials and sustainable designs. The economical bathroom is characterized by simplicity and efficiency in using space.


New trends in lobby and hotel decor

Here are some popular trends in hotel lobby decor for 2024:

It features smooth surfaces and bright colours. Modern hotel lobby and hotel design includes innovative furniture and contemporary art.


 He focuses on the use of natural elements such as wood, stone and clay colours. The organic design aims to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.


 It can include the use of historical and heritage design elements. Traditional furniture and details are used to add traditional appeal to the lobby and hotel.


It can include the use of arts, crafts and unique art pieces to add a personal touch and unique character to the lobby and hotel.


These trends seek to meet the diverse needs and tastes of guests and visitors, and design choices depend on the goal of the hotel and its target audience.



Regarding hotel décor in 2024, we can expect different trends to meet the needs of a variety of people. Here are some predictions about the trends:


Luxury hotel decor 2024

    Luxury and luxury will remain a distinctive feature in the decor of luxury hotels in 2024.

 Rich colors and luxurious materials will be among the most prominent features of the design, such as the use of high-quality marble and glass.

    The focus will be on innovative lighting and room control technology to enhance the guest experience.


Budget hotel decor 2024


   The design is expected to be simple and cost effective in budget hotels.

  The focus will be on using economical and recyclable materials to maintain costs.

   Technology will be used to provide a comfortable and economical experience for guests.


Eco-friendly hotel decor 2024


    The focus will be on sustainability and environmentally friendly practices in hotel design.

    You will use sustainably sourced materials and energy and water saving systems.

   You will benefit from natural colors and environmental components in decor.


Innovative hotel decor 2024


   Innovative hotels will witness unique and innovative designs aimed at providing a new experience for guests.

    Advanced technology such as virtual reality and augmented reality can be used to improve guests' interaction with the surrounding environment.

    It will encourage creativity and the use of contemporary arts to provide a unique and distinctive experience.


These forecasts reflect general trends in the hospitality industry for the year 2024, and may change and develop depending on market needs and technological innovations.


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