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Innovation in the implementation of exterior house facade decorations

Innovation in the implementation of exterior house facade decorations

Date: 2023/06/10


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction:

Exterior facade decorations   for homes are one of the main elements that give a home its unique personality and make it stand out among other buildings. This can be achieved by designing an attractive exterior facade decoration that is suitable for the place and the geographical area in which the house is located.

Modern house decorations can achieve  this through the use of harmonious and diverse colors, the design of geometric shapes and different artistic styles, and the use of high-quality materials such as stone, brick, wood, glass and weather-resistant metal.


Delightful decorative touches can also be added to obtain modern house decorations,  such as plant elements, flowers, trees, and water, in order to give an atmosphere of vitality and nature to the exterior facade of the house.


The design of exterior house facade decorations  must be chosen to suit the personality and preferences of the homeowners, and reflect their lifestyle and culture. The decoration must be coordinated with the rest of the house elements such as the garden, the main entrance, windows, doors, fences, and walls.


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2- The materials used in the design of   exterior house facade decorations .

The materials that can be used in the design of  exterior facade decorations vary  according to the architectural style, the geographical area, and the available budget. But in general, the most common materials for exterior home design include: 


1 - Natural Stone:

It gives an aesthetic appearance and sweet homes from a  unique interior, and is characterized by durability and resistance to weather conditions.


2 - Bricks: 

It is a common and economical building material and can be used to create facades of different styles and colors and gives beautiful homes from the inside 


3 - Wood:

 It is a beautiful, warm material that can be used to create simple or complex wood facades. For sweet homes from the inside 


4 - Glass: 

It gives the house a modern look and can be used to create modern house facades

To achieve natural lighting and a panoramic view.


5 - Minerals:

 Such as aluminium, iron, copper and stainless steel, which are strong, durable and weather resistant materials that can be used to create modern home facades.

  Different shapes and colors.


Other materials such as cement, tiles, artificial stone, fiberglass and colored concrete can also be used in the design of the exterior facades of houses.

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3- The basic types of  exterior house facade decorations.

There are many different types of exterior facade decoration  , and these types differ based on the architectural style and design of the house, the materials used in construction, and the personal tastes of the homeowners. Among those types:


1 - Classic Facades: 

It features columns, bay windows, sofas, ornaments, and other details characteristic of earlier time periods such as the Roman, Greek, and Old English eras. Thus obtaining distinctive architectural facades


2 - Modern interfaces:

 They are simple, clean and elegant designs, using non-traditional materials such as glass, metal and colorful wood panels.


3 - Industrial facades:

They are contemporary designs that use industrial materials such as cement, iron, stainless steel, transparent glass, wood and tiles.


4 - rural facades: 

It is characterized by warm colors, natural wood, natural stone, and plant motifs, thus obtaining distinctive architectural facades


5 - Waterfront: 

They are designs used in coastal areas and are characterized by bright colors and shapes inspired by the sea, fish and marine life.


6 - Islamic facades:

 It is used in Islamic countries and is characterized by geometric shapes, motifs and patterns inspired by the distinctive Islamic art. Thus obtaining distinctive architectural facades.


External facades can also be designed using modern and innovative patterns and shapes to achieve a unique and beautiful design that expresses the personality of the home and its owners.


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4- Common colors in the implementation of  exterior house facade decorations    .

The colors used in exterior house facade decorations vary according to the personal taste and architectural style of the house. However, there are a number of common colors that are used in exterior house facade decorations, and they are:


1- White: White is a very common color in exterior home facade decorations, and it gives the house a clean and elegant look.


2- Gray: Gray is a modern and elegant color, and it can be used to give an attractive appearance to the facade of the house.


3- Red: Red can be used to give a touch of strength and vitality to the facade of the house, and different shades of red can be used to achieve the appropriate look.


4- Blue: Blue is a calm and eye-pleasing color, and it can be used to create an atmosphere of calm and comfort on the front of the house.


5- Green: Green can be used to give a touch of nature and vitality to the facade of the house, and different shades of green can be used to achieve the appropriate look.


The colors used in the facade of the house must match the architectural style of the house and the surrounding area, and a decorator can be consulted for appropriate advice on choosing the right colors for the facade of your house.



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5 -  Exterior house façade decorations     and services provided by SMD Decoration .

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Exterior house facade decorations    are  very important things, as they can add beauty to the house and express the taste of its owners, as it is considered the first house facade that visitors and passers-by see next to it, and therefore it is considered a kind of investment in the house.


In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the decoration of houses from the outside   can greatly affect the value of the house and its price in the event of sale, as it can increase the attractiveness of the house and make it more attractive to potential buyers.


The decorations of the exterior facades of houses    can affect the energy efficiency of the house, as appropriate materials and appropriate designs can be used to achieve good thermal insulation and save costs for heating and cooling the house.


Finally, the decorations of homes from the outside   can affect the safety and security of the home, as safe designs and patterns that are resistant to corrosion, fire, earthquakes, and harsh weather factors can be used to achieve a safe environment for living in the home.

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