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Smd decoration is the best decoration company in Istanbul

Smd decoration is the best decoration company in Istanbul

Date: 2023/04/14


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction:

Decoration engineering sciences are generally concerned with highlighting the aesthetic shape of artistic paintings, and designing their internal features according to a distinctive artistic touch and special taste, which implicitly assumes the presence of a real talent, a magical hand of the interior designer, and the ability to create innovative artistic paintings that carry creative ideas, and perhaps the creativity of the interior designer is manifested When he is given absolute freedom to act without interference imposed by another party, as the most difficult step in the work of an interior designer is facing many different tastes from customers and the workforce.


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2- Defining the decoration company, and what are the specifications of a successful interior designer ?


It is a company that is interested in using the available materials, raw materials, and spaces to provide comfort and tranquility in the places of residence and work, and the exploitation of spaces, and the coordination of colors and furniture in a way that is comfortable for the eye.

The decoration company possesses the queen of creative thinking and imaginative skills, which enable it to innovate new designs, implement them on the ground, visualize spaces and employ them, taking into account the aesthetic value, and it is the one that transforms the interior spaces within apartments, commercial buildings or companies into practical, safe and beautiful spaces at the same time. .

Where the interior engineers do this after limiting the spaces to be changed, then they add the aesthetic elements of the place, represented in colors, lighting, and materials, and the decoration company is considered professional if it can translate the client’s requests into a wonderful design, taking into account his budget.

☆ The characteristics of the creative interior designer are summed up in high taste in the first place, and this appears in his interest in small details, his love for colors and the way they are coordinated, and playing in arranging the units of space, to highlight the aesthetic shape of things, and he must also be characterized by credibility, speed of performance, and be creative and creative And the interior designer should not depend on fashion absolutely, and quoting educational research and books, because imitation of beauty will not give him his right, because the design has fulfilled its right when people saw it the first time, and this does not mean, of course, not being open to the tastes in civilizations and the temperaments abroad.


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 3- The tasks of the decoration company in Istanbul .


One of the secrets of the success of the decoration company in Istanbul is the creation of new ideas that mix creativity and practicality, to decorate the interior space of the place 

In addition to its main tasks, which are defined as follows:

1- Find the best materials and products to get started.

2- Taking into account the stage of renovating the walls and bathrooms, and choosing the appropriate color for each room according to the nature of each room.

3- Participation in the process of selecting the type of floor used, especially in terms of its shape and color.

4- Arranging the furniture and covering the windows in an aesthetic manner commensurate with the level of sunlight and shade.

5- Choosing the colors of the fabric for mattresses, sofas and bedrooms, and the appropriate color for each room.

6- Implementation of the entire project, from conception and design, to its full completion.

7- Determine the exact goals of the client, and specify all requirements, such as the materials needed by the project.

8- Translating what the customer wants into a rough design, so that the customer can get a general idea of ​​the final image of the project.

9- Determining project schedules and determining the fees involved.

10- The decoration company in Istanbul supervises the installation of design elements with each other.

11- Work with all people working on the project, such as architects and builders, to reach the best results.

12- Follow up on changes and developments that may occur during work, and propose an alternative work plan.


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4- Criteria for the success of the decoration company in Istanbul , and the reasons for the success of Smd decoration in the field of decoration engineering.


Designing decor for homes and companies has become a necessary and important matter that cannot be overlooked, and has become very popular in the recent period of time. It is not expected that a homeowner will neglect the search for an elegant and luxurious design characterized by calmness and simplicity for his home.

It is also not expected to see the owner of a commercial company neglecting the search for a professional decoration company that will help him choose a distinctive and modern decoration for his company or commercial establishment, and from here we had to define the criteria for the success of the decoration company in Istanbul, which are as follows :

  • The character of the place

The personality of the place, and the general style followed in the home or company, must be taken into account so that the design is not abnormal, and coordination and reconciliation must be made between the space of the place and the planned design, so that the place appears more luxurious and spacious. 

  • Paint colors:

The decoration company in Istanbul must not do without providing a large amount of colors, which are available in all wall paint stores.

However, before starting the painting process, several important things must be taken into account, namely: 

1- Not deviating from the personality of the place and the colors used in the rooms, so that the mixing of colors does not cause the viewer any disturbing feeling, or what is called color aversion.

2- The decoration company in Istanbul must be careful to choose a ceiling paint that is lighter than the floor color, and that the colors of the coatings match the colors and materials of the furniture. The room must also be emptied of furniture before starting to paint the walls, then the furniture should be inserted after that, and according to the general scene, furniture units should be chosen. That must remain, and get rid of the rest, as this can be tested by placing a sample of the pieces of cloth used in the house units on a wooden board, and comparing them with the colors of the wall paint. 

3- You should consider painting the walls of small rooms in light colors, unlike the spacious rooms whose walls are preferably painted in somewhat dark colors. 

4- Some matters must be taken into account in the ceilings. Color may be used to solve a ceiling problem. If she wants to hide the defect of the high ceiling, she can use a dark and warm paint color, which will make it appear less high and warmer. If the ceiling is reasonably high, it should be painted with the same color. The color of the walls, even if it is very high, should use a color different from the color of the walls, and a darker shade so that it appears lower in height. 

5- It is also possible to play in the spaces by placing the frames of the paintings at a distance less than the known measurements, which gives the viewer illusion of the height of the ceiling, and if the ceiling is uneven, it can be painted with a matte paint to hide its defects.

  • Choose the right fabrics

When mixing various colors and materials between fabrics, the decoration company in Istanbul must take into account that these colors belong to one basic color, but in different shades, either lighter or darker, and it is preferable to diversify the use of materials, such as cotton, silk, wool, and polyester, and mixing between Striped, plain, and floral-print sheets are comfy and unobtrusive.

  • Select appropriate panels frames

Samples of the woodwork can be compared with the colors of the wall paint and the frames of the boards before purchasing them. 

  • Choose suitable lighting

The ideal room should contain more than one light source, such as: ceiling lights, spotlights, and wall lamps. 

  • Determine the locations of the mirrors

Mirrors should be used in narrow rooms or corridors to give the viewer the illusion of their vastness. 

  • Locating for stored items

As for storage, it is possible to take advantage of the neglected spaces and corners in the house, to install some shelves.

  • Determine the location of the pictures

Family pictures are not distributed to several places in the room. They must be placed in one place in order to draw the attention of the room. If there is not enough place to hang the pictures, some of them can be placed on the wall of the interior staircase gradually, especially if the wall color is light and monochromatic.

  • Use appropriate curtains

Many designers prefer to use curtains made of muslin and voile, because they are characterized by privacy, allow light to pass into the place, and to renew their appearance without changing them, they can be decorated with decorative accessories if they are not colored, or colored beads can be hung in a certain way.

  • Special attention to the bed

The bed is the most prominent place in the bedrooms, so you must take into account the type of elegant and luxurious fabric, and coordinate the colors of the bed sheet and cover to give a sense of luxury and elegance. 

  • Choose functional pieces of furniture

Every piece of decor must meet a basic or secondary need of the people who frequent the place, whether it is an apartment or a residential villa, or a company that always receives customers and pioneers. Any successful decorator is very interested in putting practical and suitable pieces of furniture for use and arranged in a way that facilitates the visitors of the place. benefit from it.

  • Aesthetic style design

One of the essence of the work of the decoration company in Istanbul is the interest in interior decoration design by coordinating the colors, so that they are close and not discordant or harmful to the eye, and the formations and shades of colors differ according to the nature of the building, whether it is for housing or for trade.

  • Perhaps one of the best and most important decoration companies in Istanbul is Smd decoration , whose success and distinction is due to a number of reasons, the most important of which are:
  • Color assortment

Colors, coordination, and decoration are the basis of decoration design in the Smd decoration company , as it takes into account the color combinations of the space for which the decoration is designed, as well as coordinating accessories, furniture pieces, and decorations in a creative artistic and aesthetic style.

  • Fragmentation of empty spaces

As there must be some difference in pieces of furniture and decorations for each empty space in the building, Smd decoration company adopts this principle to break the monotony and boredom, and to strike a balance between the formal aspect and the functional aspect of those places.

  • Matching interior design

Consistency and harmony is a very important factor for the success of coordinating and implementing the decoration in the Smd decoration company , and for this reason, it avoids dissonance or extreme contradiction in the colors, patterns, and materials used.

  • Suitable pieces of furniture

Smd decoration company chooses pieces of furniture that are compatible with each other carefully, and are consistent with the style, shape and colors, to implement the style that was previously designed, in addition to taking into account the functional and practical aspect of it so that it is not beautiful in shape and useless, but rather it must be beautiful in shape and useful to the visitors of the place.

  • Simplicity tops

Smd decoration company is interested in creating elegant and simple designs at the same time, that inspire calm and comfort in the hearts of residents and pioneers. A place with many accessories and antiques, or many pieces of furniture, each piece of which belongs to a different style and color combination, is a place that no one should pass through. In addition to living in it, this is why the interior engineers at Smd decoration take into account the selection of pieces of furniture, accessories and colors that suggest simplicity, calmness and joy, when designing an interior decoration for the place.

  • Valuable designs

The company relies on luxury furniture and accessories that give the place value, and they do not have to be expensive, as some accessories and furniture design suggests luxury even though their price is reasonable, and that is definitely the best quality.

  • Order and order

It is not enough to coordinate the decoration and choose consistent patterns and compatible color combinations only to make the decoration design a success, but arrangement and organization play a very important factor in obtaining a place that is comfortable to use, not just comfortable to look at.


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5- Why is Smd decoration the best decoration company in Istanbul ?


  • One of the advantages of contracting with Smd Decoration in Istanbul is that it provides support during the implementation phase through distinguished engineering supervision.
  • Smd Decoration offers free advice from experts and specialists in home decoration and finishes regarding color matching and suitability.
  • Smd Decoration uses highly qualified technical and technical staff, which in turn guarantees customers accuracy in design and quality in implementation and supervision.
  • Smd Decoration focused  on designing the best modern designs with great craftsmanship, relying on the high efficiency of its engineers, as they form the backbone of the company.
  • Thanks to the unique projects carried out by  Smd Decoration,   it won many awards, and this enabled the company to develop its commercial and financial identity and add projects of great value.
  • Smd Decoration continues to be among the major engineering and decoration companies in Turkey, thanks to its half-century experience in the design, engineering and decoration sector, strong bond with its customers, good selection of sites, engineering and designs of residential and commercial projects, and its commitment to the strictest standards, as the company aims Smd Decoration to maintain its principles and values ​​and to continue its creative approach.


    6- The conclusion.

We always recommend contacting a decoration company in Istanbul that has a long history in engineering designs and construction experience. Smd Decoration is your appropriate choice, as it aims to fully achieve the goals, with its integrity and ethics in dealing, making it sit on the throne of companies, as the best Decor company in Istanbul, we advise everyone to deal with it. 

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