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Smd decoration is the best interior design company in Saudi Arabia

Smd decoration is the best interior design company in Saudi Arabia

Date: 2023/04/02


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1- Introduction:

Each of us lives in a place, whether it is designated for sleeping, living, or working. Of course, he wants to feel comfortable and content in it, so he tries to prepare this place to perform his job and purpose, and this is only done through an interior design company specialized in this field, that has the competence and experience to make designs. required, and supervising its implementation.


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2- What is an interior design company?


It is a company that is interested in addressing and developing appropriate solutions for all specific difficulties in the field of movement in space, ease of use of the furniture and equipment it includes, and making this space comfortable, quiet, and distinguished by all aesthetic conditions and standards, and methods of pleasure and joy.

Hence, we can define interior design as a broad awareness and awareness without borders, of all architectural matters and their details, especially the interior ones, of materials and what they are, and how to use them, and exclusive knowledge of furniture, its standards and distribution in the interior space according to its purposes, and of colors and how to use and choose them in place, as well as With other necessary coordination matters, such as lighting and its distribution, flowers and their coordination, and with the various other accessories required for the space according to its function. 


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 3- Principles of successful interior design in Saudi Arabia, and the characteristics of a successful interior design engineer ?


The interior design company in Saudi Arabia possesses the queen of creative thinking and imaginative skills, which enables it to invent new designs, implement them on the ground, visualize spaces and employ them taking into account the aesthetic value, and it is the one that transforms the interior spaces inside apartments, commercial buildings or companies, into practical spaces. Safe and beautiful at the same time.

And determines the success of interior design in its ability to leave a good impression on the viewer. Well-designed spaces have the ability to inspire happiness, depending on specific technical and psychological aspects. The viewer may not be able to criticize the work using specialized artistic terminology and vocabulary, but he can judge it through its impact. psychological, but some principles can be adopted that can determine the success or failure of an interior design company in Saudi Arabia , the most important of which are:

1- Achieving visual balance

Balance is one of the important points that must be taken into account in the early stages of design, due to its ability to reflect feelings of stability and comfort in the place, and its association with emotion as much as it relates to good design, in addition to our comfort in balanced design as it reduces the amount of information that our brains need to process, given our ability Easily understand similar spaces.

  • The orderly distribution of elements of equal visual weight can achieve visual balance, as each piece of furniture that we place in the room has a visual weight, which is determined according to the criteria of size, color and material.
  • There are two ways in which an interior design engineer works to achieve balance:
  • symmetrical distribution

Which can be created by making one side of the room reflect the other side, by repeating the same elements in the same places on both sides of a vertical axis, as if there is an imaginary line that cuts the room into two completely identical halves.

  • asymmetric distribution

And it is by using elements that do not match in shape and design, but they are equal in visual weight, and then they are distributed in an orderly manner on both sides of the room.

2- Create an eye-catching focal point

A well-designed room by an interior design company in Saudi Arabia contains one or more focal points (depending on its area), and it must be dominant in a way that attracts attention and immediately arouses the interest of the interior to the place, so that it is the first place that it naturally falls on it, and therefore it must be This point is visually attractive. With the right use of the points of attraction in your space, you can create a comfortable place, especially if the furniture and accessories are arranged neatly around the focal point that serves as the center of the symmetrical design to achieve balance in the room.

  • The rooms of your home have natural focal points already built in, sometimes it may be an architectural feature such as wide windows, exterior views, fireplaces, walls with a distinctive color, texture or angle, and if you cannot find a natural focal point in the room, you can create one by highlighting a specific piece of furniture, Or a work of art or a wall painting or relying on a large piece of furniture, and the fireplace or TV is often the first thing that the interior designer thinks of when talking about creating a focal point in the room.
  • You can highlight several focal points in your design. Wooden ceiling beams, fireplace, and brick walls are all strong architectural details that can be used as distinctive focal points, as well as adding warmth and intimacy to modern designs.

3- Directing eye movement

The interior design architect attracts the viewer's attention to a specific point of focus, and then proceeds from it to make his gaze roam all over the place, with a continuous movement that moves between different elements along a predetermined path. This movement is necessary to maintain a visual pace between the elements that have different visual weights, and this is done It is all through the so-called "design language" or "rhythm", through which we can create repetitive visual patterns distributed in different places within the space of space, which draw the eye and make it move between them smoothly.

  • It is not necessary for the repetition to be clear and identical because the goal is to add visual diversification and maintain harmony, so we can create a color rhythm by applying a color in the pillows, trying to repeat it in a simple way in a wall painting, then repeating it in some way in the carpet, or focusing, for example, on an inscription Certain, and repeated varyingly in textiles, wallpaper and rugs, this repetition will help roam your eyes around the room.
  • It should be noted that simplicity is very much required when working on rhythm, as the visual world is complex enough, and the simpler and smoother the repetition, the more it leaves a soothing effect on the eyes, brain and nervous system.

4- Adopting the principle of measurement and proportionality

One of the things that the interior design engineer must take into account while planning his interior project is the principle of measurement, which refers to the proportional size of the elements in the scene, and depends on the presence of an element or group of elements of a scale familiar to the viewer, which helps him understand and realize sizes and scales, in addition to helping him In creating a clear and comfortable path for people to move around the room easily with sufficient distances between pieces of furniture, for example, it is preferable to leave a distance of no less than 15 inches (each inch equals 2.54 cm) between the coffee table and the chairs, and for paintings it should be hung at a height of approximately 60 inches off the ground, and if placed alone above the sofa, its width should not exceed two-thirds of the length of the sofa.

  • While proportionality refers to the relationship between the parts of the element and its overall composition, and requires the designer to understand the relationships between the elements within the workspace, as this relationship depends on an ancient Greek principle that stems from the cosmic and natural relationships in the world around us, and it is considered difficult for most designers to explain the meaning of the proportionality of the elements. Because that depends on the "designer's eye" and his visual inventory, but in general, the larger the room size, the larger the size of the furniture we have to choose, and the higher the room, the longer we can choose pieces of furniture, and vice versa.
  • Choosing the right pieces of furniture in terms of size, color, and material used, and distributing them in a well-thought-out visual balance and in a regular rhythm, taking into account the principle of proportion and proportion, guarantees us obtaining more harmonious and comfortable spaces from a visual and psychological point of view, and indicates the success and professionalism of the interior design company in Saudi Arabia .

■ The characteristics of a successful interior design engineer are summarized in the following specifications:

  • Distinguished interior design talent

Refined taste, creativity and the ability to innovate are the most important characteristics of a successful interior design engineer , who loves colors, is skilled in coordinating and understanding them, and pays attention to the smallest details.

  • credibility

A successful interior design engineer must deal with his clients with credibility, commit to timely delivery, and be interested in performing his task with high quality, taking into account the budget set for the design items.

  • Funky designer

It is easy to obtain some traditional designs and implement them as they are, but the successful designer loves to innovate, has a creative spirit, and thinks outside the box, to create distinctive designs that meet the desire of customers.

  • Evaluation

The interior design engineer must have a great evaluation from previous clients who dealt with him, because this confirms that he has the required experience in creating attractive designs.


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4- Methods of implementing interior design in the Smd decoration company , and the reasons for the success of the Smd decoration company in the field of interior design. 


The interior design of homes and companies is a necessary and important matter that cannot be overlooked, and has become very popular in the recent period of time. It is not expected that a homeowner will neglect the search for an elegant and luxurious design characterized by calmness and simplicity for his home

It is also not expected that we see the owner of a commercial company neglecting the search for a professional interior design company, which will help him choose a distinctive and modern design for his company or commercial establishment, and from here we had to introduce the methods of implementing interior design in the distinguished Smd decoration company, and these methods are :

1- Analyzing the needs that the client would like to achieve, in terms of type and volume of work, and focusing on them, regardless of the designer's personal preferences.

2- The Smd decoration company sets a prototype for the design, and two- and three-dimensional plans, to achieve the client's needs and goals, in line with the theories of human behavior.

3- Developing the final design and presenting it through the appropriate means for displaying it, such as: graphics and pictures.

4- Draw a preliminary plan for the work, by making maximum use of computer applications and modern technologies in the design process.

5- The Smd decoration company works to design safe spaces that meet the requirements of public health and safety, as it cooperates, for example, with electrical engineers to choose electrical wires suitable for the electric current, and put them in insulated pipes, as well as methods of protection from fires and potential natural disasters to avoid risks to the lives of residents .

6- Obtaining the necessary technical approvals and licenses.

7- Accurately choosing the details of the work, which include: the colors in the interior design, the identification of materials, furnishings and equipment, the specifications of the furniture, floors, plumbing fixtures, and other necessary tools.

8- The Smd decoration company relies on focusing on natural lighting, and paying attention to where the sunlight enters, because of its role in feeling comfortable and stimulating the mind and body, then choosing artificial lighting in cooperation with a lighting engineer, because of its great importance in design, as it inspires the spirit and adds life to it and makes it more depth and charm, and draw the customer's attention to the most attractive spaces.

9- Staying away from expensive or worthless materials in the interior design process to facilitate the periodic maintenance process in the future.

10- Calculating costs and submitting offers, drafting contracts, determining project costs and requirements, in addition to setting a time plan for all its stages until completion.

11- Supervising constructions, and benefiting from the services of everyone who can contribute to the implementation, in effective cooperation with craftsmen, architects, civil engineers, electricians, contractors, mechanics, and all consultants, and integrated work with them to obtain the required result.

12- Reconciliation between planning and implementation during work and after the completion of the project.

  • Smd decoration is one of the best and most important interior design companies in Saudi Arabia , and its success and distinction is due to a number of reasons, the most important of which are:
  • Color assortment

Colors, coordination, and decoration are the basis of interior design in the Smd decoration company , as it takes into account the color combinations of the space for which it is designed, as well as coordinating accessories, furniture pieces, and decorations in a creative artistic and aesthetic style.

  • Fragmentation of empty spaces

As there must be some difference in pieces of furniture and decorations for each empty space in the building, Smd decoration company adopts this principle to break the monotony and boredom, and to strike a balance between the formal aspect and the functional aspect of those places.

  • Matching interior design

Consistency and harmony is a very important factor for the successful coordination and implementation of the design in Smd decoration , and for this reason, it avoids dissonance or extreme contradiction in the colors, patterns, and materials used.

  • Suitable pieces of furniture

Smd decoration company chooses pieces of furniture that are compatible with each other carefully, and are consistent with the style, shape and colors, to implement the style that was previously designed, in addition to taking into account the functional and practical aspect of it so that it is not beautiful in shape and useless, but rather it must be beautiful in shape and useful to the visitors of the place.

  • Simplicity tops

Smd decoration company is interested in creating elegant and simple designs at the same time, that inspire calm and comfort in the hearts of residents and pioneers. A place with many accessories and antiques, or many pieces of furniture, each piece of which belongs to a different style and color combination, is a place that no one should pass through. In addition to living in it, this is why the interior design engineers at Smd decoration take into account the selection of furniture, accessories and colors that suggest simplicity, calmness and joy.

  • Valuable designs

The company relies on luxury furniture and accessories that give the place value, and they do not have to be expensive, as some accessories and furniture design suggests luxury even though their price is reasonable, and that is definitely the best quality.

  • Order and order

It is not enough to coordinate the decor and choose consistent patterns and compatible color combinations only to make the interior design a success, but arrangement and organization play a very important factor in obtaining a place that is comfortable to use, not just comfortable to look at.


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5- Why is Smd decoration the best interior design company in Saudi Arabia ?

  • One of the advantages of contracting with Smd Decoration in Istanbul is that it provides support during the implementation phase through distinguished engineering supervision.
  • Smd Decoration offers free advice from experts and specialists in design, decoration and home finishes regarding color matching and suitability.
  • Smd Decoration uses highly qualified technical and technical staff, which in turn guarantees customers accuracy in design and quality in implementation and supervision.
  • Smd Decoration focused  on designing the best modern designs with great craftsmanship, relying on the high efficiency of its engineers, as they form the backbone of the company.
  • Thanks to the unique projects carried out by  Smd Decoration,   it won many awards, and this enabled the company to develop its commercial and financial identity and add projects of great value.
  • Smd Decoration continues to be among the major engineering and decoration companies in Turkey, thanks to its half-century experience in the design, engineering and decoration sector, strong bond with its customers, good selection of sites, engineering and designs of residential and commercial projects, and its commitment to the strictest standards, as the company aims Smd Decoration to maintain its principles and values ​​and to continue its creative approach.


    6- The conclusion.

We always recommend communicating with an interior design company in Saudi Arabia that has a long history in design, engineering and construction experience. Smd Decoration is your appropriate choice, as it aims to fully achieve the goals, with its integrity and ethics in dealing, making it sit on the throne of companies. As the best interior design company in Saudi Arabia, we advise everyone to deal with it. 

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