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Choosing appropriate paint colors and their effect on mood

Choosing appropriate paint colors and their effect on mood

Date: 2023/03/28


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction:


Colors have always been considered one of the most important elements of interior design, which directly affect mental health, as well as the colors of wall paints that play a key role in adjusting the mood and psychological state of people, in addition to the qualities and advantages that each color adds to the place, some of which give a feeling of spaciousness and others What makes you feel limited in space, and also what reflects the nature of calm or activity,

All the studies and analyzes conducted on colors in psychology have proven that colors are deeper than just being a mere vibration of light, but the effect of color reaches into the depths of the soul, where we find some of these colors that instill in the soul a sense of positivity and optimism, and some that affect negatively, Which is reflected in the general mood of the person.


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2- The importance of colors in people's lives.


Colors, like melodies, elevate the spirit, nourish the nerves, and relax the senses, and colors have a great role in medicine, art, and philosophy, and their effect on the mind and soul is considered one of the important factors in our psychological and social life. It bestows it on the human soul, but the matter goes far beyond that, as recent studies have proven that colors have an effect on human cells, so God Almighty created the sky with this color, and made flowers have specific colors, and trees have green, all of these things were not created in vain. But for divine wisdom, and this is what was discovered recently, each color has a specific wave, and each wave has an effect on human cells, his nervous system, and his psychological state.

Colors are a world of magic and beauty, so without colors the world seems dull, because colors mean life, and psychological studies related to colors have proven that colors have a direct effect on the mood and psychological state of a person, so each color leaves a certain effect on the mood, and this thing is not just guesses and expectations Rather, it is talk based on scientific foundations, where some colors have a positive effect, while others leave a negative effect, and each person has a specific color that he prefers over others . Colors carry many connotations and symbols that cannot be bypassed. Black is the color of mourning and sadness, white is the symbol of purity, and red is the symbol of love.


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 3- Do paint colors affect mood and psychological state ?


According to many studies in the field of psychology, each color has been referred to in detail, and the relationship between each color and the mood and psychological state of people has been confirmed, as human behavior is determined by the change of color that he prefers or that he sees in front of him, and you may notice that thousands of years ago A different group of paint colors has been used to paint homes, places of work, study, and the walls surrounding a person, because without him knowing, these colors have a positive or negative effect on his health and mood as well.

The effect of paint colors does not depend on the mood and psychological state of the right person only. In the medical field, many studies have proven that choosing the color of red paint, for example, will be very successful for those who suffer from depression and apathy, and for those who suffer from stress and nervous exhaustion, the blue color It will give them more of the calm they are looking for, as well as the white colour. The yellow color, in its shades, especially the light one (lemon), will dispel many of the patient's negative feelings. Green will succeed in convincing the patient of the need to transcend the grudges and grudges that he feels, which make him feel a lot of anger and irritability towards those around him, and the light of different colors helps in healing and relaxation. We change physiologically, socially and psychologically as well.

 Colors affect character and mood, so they cause feelings that result in vibrations, some of which carry the characteristics of comfort and reassurance, while others carry the characteristics of exhaustion and turmoil. Some of it suggests warmth and some of it suggests cold, and one color may carry a different effect from one person to another, such as green, for example.


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4- The effect of paint colors on mood.


Mood and psychological state are closely related in the meanings of paint colors , as colors affect brain signals that mainly stimulate certain areas to perform tasks and activities, as well as colors affect the organic and vital response to emotional and sensory processes in humans, and we can explain these effects On the mood according to the different types of paint colors as follows:

1- Warm paint colors :

Warm colors affect the human psyche, due to the strong relationship between physical heat and colors, and accordingly give people a feeling of warmth and calm, and it is likely that this feeling comes from the association of these colors with the color of the sun and fire, the most important of which are:

  • Red color

We start with the red color, which is considered a warm and strong color at the same time, as it is an enthusiastic color, and from a scientific point of view, the red color has a physiological effect on most people, as it increases blood pressure, especially the heart rate, and gives a feeling of affection and bonding, and affects It increases the appetite for eating in most individuals, which explains its frequent use in painting the walls of the dining room at home, especially in restaurants, and thus experts recommend using it in the dining room.

  • the yellow color

There are multiple shades of yellow, where the light yellow color gives a sense of fun, optimism and comfort, as it is mainly associated with sunlight, and it is one of the most attention-grabbing colors, so we notice its frequent use in the rooms of the elderly and in the interior designs of luxury hotels, as for yellow Al-Faqaa, as it works to increase the secretion of adrenaline in the body, and thus it is not recommended to use it in the rooms of patients and the elderly.

  • The color orange

Experts advise adopting the orange color in children's rooms, due to the fact that it is not a sharp color, but rather it is one of the bright and lively colors, and from a psychological point of view, the orange color expresses the emotional energy of a person.

2- Cold paint colors :

This group is called cold colors because of its effect on human health, and perhaps the reason for this is due to the association of blue with the color of water that is reflected in the sky, while green is the color of nature and trees, while violet is considered one of the gradations of colors of flowers, and beige is considered one of the cold colors, depending on Because it can be combined with any other color, so if you are wondering what are the meanings of cold-colored paint colors, we will show you the effect of each of them as follows:

  • the colour blue

The blue color gives a sense of calm and complete tranquility, as it is recommended to use blue as a paint for adult bedrooms, due to the positive effect of this color on mental health, and experts do not recommend using blue in dining rooms, as it weakens the appetite for eating. 

  • green color

Green is one of the most relaxing colors for eyesight in general and nerves in particular, as it gives a feeling of comfort and helps to relax, and perhaps the reason for this is due to its association with the colors of nature that suggest stillness and calmness, so it is a versatile color, but it is preferable to use it in lighting The interior of bedrooms and living rooms, and it can also be used as the color for painting the walls of hospitals and workplaces, in addition to schools and children's homes.

  • Violet

Violet is considered one of the complex colors and difficult to use, as it has a strong psychological effect on the person, but experts warn against using it without taking advice from specialists, given the possibility of people being affected by it positively or negatively, as some people are affected by it with joy and happiness, being one of the colors Bright, but the purple color may be a source of depression for patients and the elderly.

  • Beige color

The beige color is known as a volatile color that has a property that makes it compatible with both cold and warm colors, especially the strong ones as well. A sense of relaxation, calm and complete stillness.

3- Neutral paint colors :

Neutral colors include white, gray and black, as they can be combined with any of the groups mentioned above, in addition to using them as basic colors in decoration. Through this article, you can learn how to design children's bedrooms in neutral colors, and below we will learn about the meanings of paint colors These and their impact on mental health:

  • Black Color

Black color blends elegance and sophistication in its characteristics, as it gives a sense of depth, and it also has negative connotations according to some customs and traditions. In normal situations, black is not used as a single color, but rather as one of a group of colors, as it can be combined with many colors, particularly warm and strong colors, including red.

  • White color

White is one of the most widely used colors, as it is a symbol of purity and purity, and it is widely used in interior lighting and bathrooms, and it is one of the colors that give a sense of comfort and peace, and it is widely used in painting the walls of hospitals, and it is also considered one of the basic colors in the process of merging any two colors.

  • the colour grey

The gray color gives a sense of balance, given that it is the most prominent neutral color, specifically the medium shade of gray. It is preferable to combine gray with strong and cold colors, and experts use it frequently in backgrounds, due to its ease of use with other colors.

  • Brown color

The brown color is considered a neutral and warm color, as it is classified among the simple colors, and it is widely used in home furniture, especially wooden furniture, and it can also be used with one of the strong colors, including turquoise and red, moreover, the brown color gives a sense of calm. 


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    6- The conclusion.

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