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Avoiding chaos and randomly choosing furniture is one of the basics of successful design

Avoiding chaos and randomly choosing furniture is one of the basics of successful design

Date: 2023/06/01


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1- Introduction:


Avoid clutter and choose furniture randomly when designing interior spaces. Choosing  furniture  randomly and not respecting the general layout of space, colors and designs is a common mistake many people make. This mistake creates messy, uncoordinated and unpretentious interior spaces to look at.


Thus, avoiding chaos and randomly choosing furniture,  maintaining order and avoiding chaos in the design of interior spaces is an important matter, and this can be achieved by choosing furniture in a coordinated manner and proportionate to the size of the space, paying attention to colors and designs that are commensurate with each other, and distributing furniture well to achieve balance And the harmony between all the elements of the space.


Moreover, it is possible to  avoid chaos, choose furniture randomly , and maintain order by providing sufficient storage spaces for various purposes, organizing the storage of things in an appropriate manner, and paying attention to small details such as arranging pillows and curtains well.


In general, it is possible to avoid chaos, choose furniture randomly  , maintain order, and avoid chaos in the design of interior spaces by paying attention to coordinating furniture, designs and colors, distributing furniture appropriately, providing sufficient storage spaces and organizing them well, and paying attention to small details.

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2- The mechanism    of avoiding chaos and choosing furniture randomly  

Avoid chaos and choose furniture randomly When furniture is chosen randomly and without thinking about the overall coordination of the space, this can lead to the creation of interior spaces that look chaotic, uncoordinated, and not beautiful to look at. In order to avoid chaos and choose furniture randomly,  some of the following tips can be followed:


  1. Setting goals: 

It is important that you define your goals and needs when you are designing an interior space. This includes knowing the size of the space, how many people will use the space, what activities will take place in it, and what colors and patterns you prefer.


  1. Coordination of furniture:

 Furniture must be chosen to match the colors and patterns in the space, and it must be appropriate to the size of the space.


  1. Attention to detail: 

Focusing on small details such as pillows, curtains, and other accessories can be important to avoid clutter and improve the look of a space .

  1. Proper distribution of furniture: 

Furniture must be distributed appropriately so that the place does not appear crowded, and interior design rules can be used to achieve balance and harmony between the different.


  1. Pay attention to storage space:

 Sufficient storage spaces for various purposes must be provided, and the storage of things should be organized in an appropriate manner. It is considered one of the basics of choosing furniture

  1. Do not over-decorate:

 Excessive decoration should be avoided as this can disrupt the overall design of the space.


In general, it is possible to avoid chaos, choose furniture randomly  , and choose furniture in a coordinated manner by defining your goals and needs, distributing furniture appropriately, paying attention to small details, and coordinating furniture, colors, and patterns in the space.


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3- Coordinating furniture to    avoid chaos and choosing furniture randomly  

Certainly, coordination between furniture is an important element in  avoiding chaos, choosing furniture randomly    , and designing the interior space. Where the home furniture must be chosen so that it is suitable for the size of the space and the style of design to be achieved. Matching colors and styles of furniture and surrounding décor should also be considered.


Here are some tips for coordinating furniture,  avoiding chaos, and choosing furniture randomly   :


  1. Determine the available space: You must determine the available space in the home or office and know the size of the furniture that can fit in this space. Online tools can be used to determine the best distribution of furniture in the space. It is considered one of the most important tips when choosing furniture


  1. Color compatibility : The color of the furniture must match the color of the walls, floors, and fabrics in the house. A range of harmonious colors can be used to match the furniture and décor.


  1. Compatibility between styles: The style of choosing furniture must match the décor in the space. Different styles such as modern, classic, modern and traditional can be used to achieve a match between furniture and decoration.


  1. Use of Versatile Furniture: Versatile furniture can be used to make the most of the available space. For example, a coffee table with additional drawers can be used to store magazines and books.


  1. Choosing high-quality furniture: You must choose high-quality home furniture that is durable and sustainable. If suitable quality furniture is chosen, it will continue to use for a long time without the need for repair or replacement.


  1. Compatibility between curves and lines: Curves and lines in furniture must match the curves and lines in the space. Soft curves and lines can be used to create harmony between furniture and décor.


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4- Correct storage methods in  avoiding chaos and choosing furniture randomly 

I can offer some tips to organize the storage of things in an appropriate manner in order to avoid chaos and choose furniture randomly,   as follows: 


  1. Determine the appropriate storage location: The storage location must be chosen in an appropriate way, such as a wardrobe, a drawer under the bed, or shelves on the walls. These places must be available and easily accessible.


  1. Organize things by categories: Things should be organized by categories, such as clothes, shoes, accessories, documents, etc. Each category should be placed in a different location than the other.


  1. Using Storage Boxes and Containers: Storage boxes and containers of different sizes can be used to better organize things. The contents of the boxes must be written on the outside to facilitate access to the items inside.


  1. Use the shelves in an appropriate way: the shelves can be used to organize different things, and heavy things should be placed at the bottom and light things at the top. Boxes and containers can also be used on shelves to organize things better.


  1. Get rid of unnecessary things:

    Things you don't need should be thrown away on a regular basis. These items can be disposed of by giving them to charity, selling them online, or giving them away to friends or family.


  1. Attention to small details: You must pay attention to small details such as providing labels to identify the contents of boxes and containers, and using organizing tools such as transparent bags, shoe holders, and appropriate boxes to organize things in an orderly and orderly manner.


Using these tips, it is possible to improve the organization of storing things in an appropriate way, avoiding chaos, and choosing furniture randomly  


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5 - Avoid chaos and randomly choose furniture     and services provided by SMD Decoration   

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Avoid chaos and choose furniture randomly . Furniture is part of the interior decoration that must be in harmony with the rest of the elements in the space. With good planning and coordination, a beautiful, harmonious interior design that is pleasing to the eye and the soul can be achieved.


Therefore, we must think carefully before choosing any piece of furniture and ensure that it matches the colors and patterns in the space. It is also necessary to determine the available space, determine the appropriate furniture for it, and use multi-use furniture to make the most of the available space. You must also pay attention to the details, quality and durability of the furniture, so that it lasts for a long time.


Avoiding chaos and choosing furniture randomly.  Attention to detail and good planning can achieve a beautiful, comfortable and harmonious interior design, and help achieve the primary goal of interior space design, which is relaxation, comfort and enjoyment of the place we live in.

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