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The most important information about architecture

The most important information about architecture

Date: 2023/06/30


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1- Introduction:

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The educational environment for this engineering does not lead to boredom, contrary to what many people think. Rather, it is considered a pleasant environment due to the nature of the specialization that requires work and movement from one place to another. This specialization is the right choice for those who find themselves sitting in a classroom and do not allow their creativity to flow, and this environment includes Specialized educational laboratories, workshops, studios, and the use of computers in design using architectural design programs such as engineering drafting programs and three-dimensional drawing.

Architecture or architecture engineering , which is one of the unique and beautiful branches of engineering, this profession is concerned with the construction, design and construction of buildings, and includes architectural design, building materials, computer design, construction, air conditioning, electrical connections in buildings, optics, and acoustics.

2- What is the role of architecture   :

Engineers differed in defining architecture and giving it a clear meaning, but they all shared that it undoubtedly expresses human creativity and lofty thought. who carved it.

The student who is preparing to enter the university should think carefully about choosing architecture , as it is considered one of the best experiences that a student can get in his life . It changes the way you deal with problems in all areas of life, and this specialization also provides the opportunity to travel to explore how people live in other parts of the world. Passionate about creativity, students often find themselves very focused on their work.

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Architecture is one of the oldest engineering disciplines known to man, and the monuments left by ancient civilizations still bear witness to the splendor of ancient engineering works, where you find the houses that were carved in the rocks of Petra, the Taj Mahal of the civil icon, the masterpiece, in addition to the Great Wall of China, and the Egyptian pyramids that indicate On the ancient architecture that the Pharaohs knew more than 5000 years ago, in addition to the historical cities and castles scattered all over the world.

To view videos of some of the previous architectural works, click here 

3- What is the architectural model :

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Architecture, for example, was understood and studied in the nineteenth century from the formal point of view, emphasizing the formal characteristics and materials used in addition to the method used in construction. This period also witnessed the beginning of the existence of the architectural model by itself instead of imposing the form on it and its launch towards a new artistic movement, and therefore we find that the architectural history is considered part of the history of art, concerned with the study of the historical development of building design and city planning.

If an architect works on a large residential project, a huge commercial complex, or even an international airport, you will expect to see a realistic architectural model appearing in front of you, carrying a series of experiments and development attempts behind it.

From the beginning of the design, the architect was keen to conduct a careful study of his project and was provided with a full set of tools that allowed him to develop with flexibility and accuracy in several aspects, including the three-dimensional design of the computer program.

But the architectural prototype or "MAKT" has always been of great importance in the development of the work phase, and its value in architecture is very great, and here we will talk about the importance of the prototype in the design process.

In ancient Egypt, small carved stone models were buried with the dead to give them a resting place in the afterlife. These models provide a glimpse into ancient Egyptian architectural practices and what their homes looked like.

  • Feeling of quality and scale

This architectural model helps you see the dimensions in the design blocks to ensure project perimeter measurements. So the architects are keen to add trees and miniature human elements until the landscape is complete, leaving the designers to develop the windows on a "what if?" chance basis.

  • Color ... is the basis for selection and matching in interior decoration

Architectural models enable designers to investigate, review and refine ideas in greater detail, allowing project designs to be more fully integrated with construction. In other words, models serve as valuable learning tools for the architect   , enabling them to discover different design iterations in a tangible way. There is no doubt that building a scale model is time consuming, but the process helps create greater awareness and understanding of the intricacies of the project and the building process. Something that digital tools don't necessarily allow.

  • senses and touch

What sets physical and tactile models apart from their electronic counterparts is the real feel of what you're designing, giving you a more accurate visualization and detailed understanding of what you're doing. This is something that electronic designs lack and that facilitates real-time monitoring and error handling.

  • Creative tracks in projects

Prototyping provides an opportunity to get creative by making models from scraps and materials that will no longer be used. This is the picture of architectural ideas, where you can find models of cardboard, wood, paper and even plastic wrap.

Templates are actually an important part of the creative process. When designers create prototypes, the latter gives them the opportunity to visualize their vision in miniature and gives them space to look at areas that can be improved in real time. This model allows the architect to discover previously unseen flaws, or inspires him to take his designs to newer and more interfaces. Audacity.

  • Marketing and persuasion

Physical building models are also an ideal communication medium for clients, enabling them to better understand and visualize projects and gain a greater chance of persuasion.

  • Shadow test

Testing shadows and light under different light effects allows architects to study models under different natural lighting conditions, photographing and recording each moment on a large scale. Designer questions, for example, what lighting is appropriate for this project? And the amount of darkness inside the building under natural climatic conditions and others.

4- SMD Decoration and Architecture Company :

SMD Decoration follows the foundations of architecture in every aspect of the project, starting from the design, then the actual implementation phase, and finally to the final finishes.

The company relies on its distinguished cadre of architects, whose expertise and creative vision blend with modern technology and meticulous design to achieve and revive clients' dreams.

SMD Decoration provides you with all architectural technical support during the project implementation process with credibility and transparency of work through the follow-up of the workshop and the on-site monitoring committee of professional engineers and technicians.

Architectural planning and design, in cooperation with the client, includes preparing a list of the materials required for the job, their types, and the client's preferred raw materials to be agreed upon before starting implementation.

In addition to completing projects, SMD also provides advice, advice and solutions in architectural plans, including all stages of design and implementation.

We are pleased to be your reliable permanent place in SMD Decoration . With our great experience in the field of architecture, we are keen to satisfy all tastes and needs while preserving the splendor of our unique touch.

SMD Decoration is your address for excellence in architectural design, for more information you can contact the professional engineering team.

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