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The importance of the Tiktok application in promoting the work of the Smd decoration company

The importance of the Tiktok application in promoting the work of the Smd decoration company

Date: 2023/03/30


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction:


The Tiktok application is one of the social networking applications specialized in publishing videos. Videos of up to three minutes can be published on the site. The Tiktok application has gained great popularity among social media platforms, as it has succeeded in attracting a wide fan base of young people born in the current millennium.

Although only seven years have passed since the establishment of the “tiktok network” for social communication, the huge number of monthly users indicates the importance of the application at the present time, and its value among other social networking sites. Therefore, it has become necessary for projects of all kinds to think about Using Tiktok marketing as one of its main marketing strategies.


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2- What is the Tiktok app ?


“Tiktok” is the latest social media platform that gained wide popularity in a short period of its appearance, so it is used by everyone from different backgrounds and ages, as the number of its users reaches /1.2/ billion active users per month according to the latest statistics in 2022, and this is not a small number. Other platforms (such as Facebook and Instagram) took about /10/ years to reach the same number of databases as the Tiktok application , in less than /5/ years.

The Tiktok application was launched for the first time / in 2016 / in China under the name "Douyin", and the international version of it was released a year later under the name "Tiktok", and the purpose of its establishment was mainly to share short lyrical videos, but with time it developed and the application became serving various video content In all its forms, whether entertainment, educational, awareness, etc., it has won the admiration of users, which led to its widespread spread in a short period.

Although the application is relatively new compared to other applications and platforms, it is the most attractive to users, as the average daily use of the Tiktok application is about /52/ minutes per user, and the use of the Tiktok application is not limited to a specific category, as it is (18%) Internet users between the ages of 16 and 64 have an account on the Tiktok app , and in 2022, TikTok revenues were estimated at about $4.6 billion, and this is a very huge return compared to other programs and applications.


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 3- The benefits of Tiktok marketing


With the advent of the Tiktok application , a common question arose about the value of brand promotion through the Tiktok application , and if companies really need to use it or not. In fact, there are many benefits that make Tiktok marketing an effective marketing strategy. These benefits can be explained. In the following points:

1- It is a huge database, as it gives you the opportunity to reach millions of users around the world, and promote your services and products to them.

2- Easy access to the young generation, which constitutes (60%) of the platform's pioneers.

3- The Tiktok application provides various promotional services and unique tools that facilitate marketing campaigns.

4- It facilitates the sales process through search algorithms and simplified suggestions.

5- The platform allows users to repurpose content in different forms through the “duet” and “stitch” features.

6- The Tiktok application makes it easy to obtain high interaction with little effort, as it is not necessary that your account be old or have a large number of followers in order to spread.

7- It enables international companies to create appropriate marketing campaigns in several languages, and to ensure that they reach their customers in different countries.

8- The access of content to the audience in some marketing channels depends on many factors, including the algorithms used by the site, and therefore despite a lot of effort in the content, these algorithms will lead to the content not reaching as required, but through marketing through the Tiktok application , It will ensure that everything is related to the quality of the content, not having a large number of followers on your account, as the algorithms work to show only the videos that users like, and contribute to improving their visibility as a result, even if the user account recently joined the application, and does not have large numbers of followers .

9- As a result of the previous point, it is possible through the content to obtain real interaction, as the content reaches the largest possible number of customers who are interested in the quality of the content you provide, and therefore you will not find that the content appears to users who are not interested in the above, but successful content helps you to have real interaction interested clients.

Through this, you can increase the conversion rate that you achieve from relying on marketing on the Tiktok application , and also improve the rate of return on investment from using the Tiktok application , of course the only condition for this to happen is knowing how to use the Tiktok application to present the appropriate content to the audience.

10- TikTok users are looking for premium content only, not the official content that brands may publish in their accounts on other sites, as their presence on the Tiktok application relates to the desire to have an enjoyable experience that contains a personal touch, and this is one of the features of the Tiktok application on the rest of the platforms.

Therefore, through marketing through the Tiktok application , it is possible to show the distinction of your brand, by creating content that is distinct and different from other types of content that you use on any of the other platforms, as what is distinctive about this topic is that it contributes to the association of individuals with the brand, and increases their feeling belonging to it.


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4- Tiktok marketing strategies . 


Whichever method you choose from the marketing methods through the Tiktok application , you must know the most important keys to success in managing the marketing campaign through the Tiktok application , and among the most important of these strategies that guarantee you satisfactory results for your marketing campaign through the Tiktok application are the following:

1- Tiktok audience study :

Before starting your marketing campaign on the Tiktok app , study the TikTok audience first, and track your audience on the Tiktok platform and other social media platforms, as your brand may not have an existing audience on the Tiktok app , so do not put time and money into ads.

2- Marketing through influencers and celebrities:

The marketing strategy through celebrities on social media platforms is one of the most famous and successful marketing campaigns today, due to the great and effective impact that these influencers have achieved on the audience of users of these different platforms, as these celebrities are followed by millions of users with different personal and demographic characteristics, and certainly some of them are your customers targeted.

So most brands today need to seek the help of any of the prominent celebrities and influencers who are loved by the users of the Tiktok application , to benefit from them in promoting products and services and achieving the highest sales rates.

  • Note: Consider choosing an influencer whose followers are close to your target audience. For example, if your brand offers products from cosmetics, the influencers will be girls who are already interested in using cosmetics and appear decently on Tiktok, of course they are the best for you .

But if your brand offers products such as vitamins, muscle-building supplements, and sports supplies, the choice of influencer will be based on its athletic appearance, interest, interest of its followers, and so on.

3- Marketing through competitions and discounts:

The Tiktok application is one of the most suitable applications for creating marketing campaigns using competitions and promotions, as it made it easier to encourage customers to communicate and participate, due to the nature of using the application originally by sharing daily videos, challenges and the like, and apart from the ease of customer interaction with Tik Tok publications, the strategy of competitions and discounts is important and An amazing effect in attracting customers and motivating them to interact and participate.

  • Note: Tiktok is a social app that is completely different from other apps like Facebook and Instagram, as it includes different trends and features depending on the nature of its users. So, try to factor that into your brand marketing strategy, by following the same behavior and preferred content of its users as using influences, music, etc.

4- Paid advertising campaigns:

Paid advertising campaigns on TikTok are a necessary step in order to achieve the goal of marketing through the Tiktok application , which is to attract more customers to your brand, and achieve more sales and profits, especially at the beginning of your brand account creation, and that, of course, along with other marketing strategies.

  • Note: Before creating your advertising campaigns, it is necessary that you analyze your competitors, see their advertising campaigns on tik tok, and study them in order to identify their strengths and weaknesses, work to address and overcome the negatives, and improve and benefit from the positives.   

5- Create interactive content:

As we mentioned earlier, most users of the Tiktok application are from the generation between the ages of 19 to 29 years, and this particular generation prefers interactive content more than traditional content, so you have to think about how to create content that stimulates the audience to interact with it through fun short videos that encourage Potential customers to interact with your content and products.

6- Use hashtags:

The use of the correct hashtags is one of the most important things that help in appearing more in searches by users, as the search results are the main source of follow-ups and likes on social networking sites, taking into account the rules of SEO and search engine optimization in the hashtags used, then you will be able to easily appear to a number Get more users by using popular hashtags within your type of content. You can find out these hashtags by searching for related words in the search engine of the Tiktok application , and the relevant and most popular tags will appear to you. This type of marketing using tags and hashtags is one of the basic things that you have to focus on while publishing your content, so that you can reach the largest possible number of audience and customers. potential.

7- Keep up with the trend:

The trend is considered one of the easiest and most important ways to spread through the Tiktok application , as it appears and disappears in a short time, but if you know how to use it correctly, it will give you amazing results, especially if the trend is related to a specific product or service that you offer and target through marketing through the Tiktok application , it is Don't miss out on golden paper and learn how to seize the opportunities that suit you.

8- Follow a continuous posting pace:

To win the loyalty of loyal customers, you have to make sure that you manage your accounts properly, and this means that you establish the frequency of your publication and make your participation and content displayed regularly, as this connects followers to your products and makes them wait for your publications, and do not neglect to make the content interactive so that followers want to share it with others and thus You get new followers to know your brand and your unique products.

9- Hire marketing experts:

It is important for success in marketing through the Tiktok application and other various communication platforms that you seek the help of professional specialists in the field of e-marketing, in order to learn the correct strategies and how to employ them, to ensure your success in the platform and that you reach the desired results.

And in the end, we would like to warn you that you should not miss the opportunity to market through the Tiktok application , especially if your target customers are actively present on it, so your competitors are also present on it, whether you plan to expand the category of your target customers, improve your brand image, or promote awareness of a new product Tik tok will be the right app for you, and in general it is important to expand your marketing channels to achieve the best result.


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5- The importance of the Tiktok application in introducing customers to the work of Smd Decoration , and why is Smd Decoration the best engineering and decoration company?


Smd Decoration Company realized the importance of constant communication with the public through social networking sites, and it never hesitated to create accounts for it on various platforms, including the Tiktok application , where the company continues to offer its services to it with attractive and useful content, and increases its interaction with customers with all sincerity and perfection, being The most downloaded application in recent years, and believing in its effective role in reaching the largest possible number of current and future customers, Smd decoration is considered   one of the best companies that can be dealt with in the field of engineering and decoration for the following reasons:

  • One of the advantages of contracting with Smd Decoration in Turkey lies in the fact that it provides support during the implementation phase through distinguished engineering supervision.
  • Smd Decoration offers free advice from experts and specialists in architecture, design, decoration and home finishes regarding color matching and suitability.
  • Smd Decoration uses highly qualified technical and technical staff, which in turn guarantees customers accuracy in design and quality in implementation and supervision.
  • Smd Decoration focused  on designing the best modern designs with great craftsmanship, relying on the high efficiency of its engineers, as they form the backbone of the company.
  • Thanks to the unique projects carried out by  Smd Decoration,   it won many awards, and this enabled the company to develop its commercial and financial identity and add projects of great value.
  • Smd Decoration continues to be among the major engineering and decoration companies in Turkey, thanks to its half-century experience in the design, engineering and decoration sector, strong bond with its customers, good selection of sites, engineering and designs of residential and commercial projects, and its commitment to the strictest standards, as the company aims Smd Decoration to maintain its principles and values ​​and to continue its creative approach.


    6- The conclusion.

We always advise to contact an engineering and decoration company that has a long history in engineering designs and construction experience. Smd Decoration is your appropriate choice, as it aims to fully achieve the goals, with its integrity and ethics in dealing, making it sit on the throne of companies. We advise Everyone deal with it. 

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