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Innovative ideas for children's room decor, turning dreams into reality

Innovative ideas for children's room decor, turning dreams into reality

Date: 2023/09/07


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Children's rooms are an important space in our home, where children spend most of their time, whether to play, study or relax.

 Therefore, these rooms must be carefully designed to meet the needs of children and provide them with an inspiring and comfortable environment.


Designing children's rooms requires attention to several factors, such as colors, furniture, lighting, and storage. Bright and bright colors can be used to add a fun and lively atmosphere to the room. 

Taking care to provide a balance between the different colors. Fun graffiti and decorations can also be used to get creative and encourage imagination in children.


In addition, the furniture in the children's room decor must be suitable for their size and needs. Multifunctional furniture can be used to provide additional storage space and facilitate organization. The lighting must also be comfortable and suitable for the child’s various activities, such as reading and playing.


Children's room decor is not only limited to aesthetic aspects, but it must also be practical and safe. 

Adequate storage should be provided for toys, clothes and books, and avoid using sharp or breakable furniture. Electrical wires must also be secured and small parts that can be swallowed should be avoided.


Therefore, children's room decor aims to create an inspiring and comfortable environment that promotes creativity, learning and relaxation in children. A good design of these rooms can help develop a child's personality and enhance his desire to explore the world around him.

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 Common types of children's room decoration


There are many types of children's room decor that you can choose according to your taste and your child's needs. Here are some popular ideas for decorating children's rooms :

PVC bedroom decorations

PVC bedroom decorations are a popular and durable choice. You can use PVC in many shapes and designs to add an aesthetic touch to the bedroom. Here are some ideas for bedroom decorations using PVC:


  1. PVC Walls:

You can use PVC  panels to cover the walls and give the room a modern and elegant look. PVC is available in different colors and finishes, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your bedroom décor.


  1. PVC Ceilings:

 You can use PVC panels to cover the ceiling and give the bedroom a distinctive and modern look. You can choose PVC panels with different designs such as embossed panels or panels with bright colors to give your ceiling a unique touch.


  1. PVC doors: 

You can use PVC doors to give a modern and practical touch to the bedroom. PVC doors are available in a variety of shapes and colors, allowing you to choose doors that match the overall decoration style of the room.


  1. PVC Furniture: 

You can use PVC furniture in the bedroom to give it a modern and practical touch. PVC is available in different colors and finishes, allowing you to choose furniture that matches the overall décor style of the room.


Remember that the use of PVC in bedroom decorations requires attention to the quality of materials and proper installation to ensure durability and aesthetics. You may need to consult a professional interior designer or contractor for help executing the décor correctly.


Modern children's rooms

Here are some ideas for modern children's room decor :


  1. Calm colors:

 Use calm and soft colors in the decor such as white, gray and pastel. You can add touches of bright colors as brightening points to the room.


  1. simple furniture: 

Choose simple, modern furniture with clean designs and straight lines. You can use natural wood furniture or metal furniture with white or black lacquered finishes.


  1. Simple walls: 

You can use wallpaper with simple geometric designs or stick to the walls in a plain color. You can also use paint in different colors to give your walls a touch of life.


  1. Appropriate lighting:

 Use innovative and modern lighting in the room. You can use pendant lights with distinctive designs or soft lights to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.


  1. Smart Storage: 

Use smart and practical storage solutions for toys, books and clothes. You can use wall-mounted shelves or built-in cabinets to save space and better organize.


  1. Fashionable details:

 Add modern and distinctive touches such as colorful cushions, simple curtains, and soft rugs. You can also use contemporary art paintings to give the room an artistic touch.


Remember that modern children's rooms are based on simplicity, order and focus on simple details. Coordinate the elements well and use colors and materials wisely to create a modern nursery that suits your style and your child's needs.

Decor for children's rooms, girls and boys

Here are some ideas for decorating shared children's rooms for girls and boys:


  1. Neutral colours: 

Use neutral colors like white, gray, and pastels as a base for the decor. You can add touches of bright colors like blue, green, and yellow to add a touch of vibrancy.


  1. Global themes:

 Use universal themes such as animals, stars or nature. You can use graphics, pictures and stickers inspired by these themes to create a fun and adventurous atmosphere.


  1. Versatile Furniture: 

Use versatile and functional furniture such as a pull-out bed that has drawers for storage or a pull-out table that doubles as a desk or game table.


  1. personal decoration:

 Let the children participate in choosing the decor, colors and themes. They can add their own personal touch by putting their favorite artwork or pictures on the walls.


  1. Organized storage: 

Use organized storage solutions for toys, books, and clothes. You can use colorful storage boxes or wall-mounted shelves to organize things properly.


  1. Appropriate lighting: 

Use comfortable and appropriate lighting for the room. You can use soft lights to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere at bedtime and bright lights for daytime activities.


Remember that it is important to listen to the children's taste and encourage them to participate in the decoration selection process. Match the elements well to create a cozy and fun-filled room for girls and boys.


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