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The best construction company in Türkiye Smd decoration

The best construction company in Türkiye Smd decoration

Date: 2023/05/02


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction:

Since ancient times, man has a continuous need for reconstruction and construction, and in light of the prosperity of the urban renaissance, and the urgent need for infrastructure development, all of this made the construction and construction company a successful and profitable project.

The construction company works in various fields of construction, including construction work, external and internal finishing for the construction of residential and commercial projects , and is also active in the field of paving roads, infrastructure and countless other works.

The construction field is also a very profitable area with a high percentage compared to other fields, but the decision to start work in this field requires a complete and thoughtful feasibility study and awareness of the steps that must be taken, in order to ensure success and avoid risk in this field.


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2- Definition of the construction company .

It is a company that specializes in construction work, and the construction of residential and commercial projects according to demand, through workers, civil engineers, management and maintenance engineers, and other fields, and it relies on organizing and implementing various projects,

The construction company is the most successful and most successful gateway to enter the world of investment and business. Large and small companies, as well as public and private companies, fall under the construction sector.

And there is a statistic published by the "redshift" institution confirming that the world needs to build about /13,000/ buildings on a daily basis until /2050 AD/ in order to absorb the amount of continuous population increase, which is an indication that in the future it will be a prosperous economic sector.


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 3- Criteria for the success of the construction company in Turkey .

Are there really criteria and indicators that can determine the success or failure of the construction company in Turkey ? Yes, there is. We divided it into internal and external. Among the most important of these internal factors are :

1- The real goal

In various human sciences, you find this word (goal), but what we are looking for here in order to achieve the desired success is a realistic goal, and that the goal is based on the capabilities and capabilities of the company, and the word realistic goal is not intended to be a simple goal, but rather it may be a difficult goal that requires work Persistent yet achievable (within reach abilities).

2- Flexible management

The management must be flexible, overcome that it is management, and consider itself part of the work team, and this is what enhances the presentation of ideas and solutions by employees, and access to a state of creativity in the completion of any project, and it can follow the work closely, and be aware of the problems in advance. Technical and administrative that occur during work.

3- Good work team

Good selection and cooperation of the work team is one of the most important internal success factors for any company, not just the construction company, where the work team represents the dynamo that drives the company. You must choose the team carefully, then think about the following:

  • Determine what you need from the team? 

What is the perception of the terms of reference of the work team that you want to use in the company

  • How to provide her team with a comfortable work environment that helps her to complete her work to the fullest.

On this basis, you can hire a work team that has the required ability and competence.

4- Commitment to the company's production capacity

Fast and high quality product or service!! Everyone wants that, but unfortunately and to attract money, some construction companies accept business offers that exceed the company's production capacity rates, and this may affect the quality component of the project, so the construction company in Turkey should not accept a group of works that it does not have the ability to complete.

5- Good investment conditions

Many construction companies, when they need financing, accept the investment provided to the company regardless of the conditions, and this sometimes leads to a change in the goal, from developing the business to paying attention to investors, so the construction company in Turkey must make sure of the conditions, and not rush to accept any An investment is presented to it, so as not to rob it of its success and development, and there are many projects and companies that have lost due to bad investment conditions.

6- Commitment with clients, to earn the construction company in Turkey a good reputation.

7- Commitment to duties with the staff of all job grades.

8- Attention to monitoring the staff, preparing periodic evaluations and listening to the problems of the employees, as this aspect, when neglected, is reflected negatively on performance and productivity.

  • As for the external factors that are also important for the success of the construction company in Turkey, we mention:

1- Presentation of high quality projects:

The most characteristic of construction and building companies is their interest in high-quality raw materials in the construction of residential and commercial projects , so they must provide them in order to achieve the desired results, which is evidence of the company’s efficiency and professional management . Superior quality, so you need to prepare proper capital in order to supply these materials.

The equipment and tools used in the construction process are also among the important considerations that the company must take into account, because they are the factor that helps achieve the highest rate of success and excellence in construction companies.

Here we can say that the quality of the work provided by the company determines the category of customers with whom it will deal, so it must raise the quality of construction as well as the quality of materials used, in order to attract the largest segment of customers.

2- On time delivery:

The delay in performing the tasks and handing over the project is one of the problems that the company may face in its projects. Many construction companies set a date for receipt, but fail to do so, due to the lack of prior study of the challenges they will face, the constant fluctuations in the commercial market, and the lack of professional planning with the team. All these obstacles will delay the date of receipt, and in order for the construction company in Turkey to avoid these matters and gain confidence and credibility in dealing with customers, it must adhere to the delivery date, by calculating the time margin available to it accurately, and it can also leave some time for emergency matters. By following these steps, you will ensure that residential and commercial projects are delivered on time.

The decision-making process regarding handing over the project at the specified time before starting the project is a strength for the company, as it makes it clear to all customers and project members that it is based on an approach based on a professional work team, so you must choose professional cadres with long practical experience, and follow A balanced action plan that guarantees you the desired results.

3- Commitment to the agreed budget:

When preparing for the establishment of a construction and construction company, it is necessary to determine the capital, the volume of investment spending, and set the total costs, whether fixed or variable. It is represented in the salaries of the labor force, and the salary varies according to the job of each person, as well as determining the salaries of temporary workers such as the carpenter, the blacksmith and other workers, the costs of the media campaign for the project, and the legal costs. In this situation, the construction company in Turkey must develop a clear and accurate plan and a specialized team to obtain a correct and risk-free economic feasibility study to ensure the safety of the project.

4- Studying the business environment in the company:

The study of the business environment is one of the most important success factors in the construction company in Turkey , as it helps to know the threats and risks that it may face and determine the appropriate directions and materials, and also you can ensure the suitability of the soil in the project, adjust the ground level, and review the engineering drawings under the supervision of the competent engineer, Or the company, and providing a distinctive and close headquarters that is easy for customers to reach.

5- Investing in cadre training :

Employment is considered the largest share in the success of the construction company in Turkey , so it must choose the appropriate manpower, who has the ability to achieve the desired goal that it has set, which results in customer satisfaction, and the trained cadres also help the company acquire a good and good reputation, which is one of the basics of growth And development, in order to invest success in construction and construction companies, and also it is possible to choose workers who have not previously been subjected to any problem in legal accountability, and the necessity of submitting official papers, to ensure efficiency and ability to work, from trained engineers, economic analysts and workers with experience in construction .

At the beginning of the project , the construction company in Turkey does not need to employ a large number of workers, so that it can rely on a medium section of them that suits its needs, in order to reduce its costs until it obtains the works that require more workers.

6- Consulting Engineers: 

The company must provide an appropriate number of consulting engineers, commensurate with the number and size of the residential and commercial projects it is implementing.

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4- The most important residential and commercial projects completed by Smd decoration .

Smd decoration , a distinguished company specialized in construction, engineering and decoration, has implemented many successful residential and commercial projects inside and outside Turkey. We mention some of them:

First up: Villa Roneela

ثانياً:Apartment In The Elite Life Residence


Fourth: Istanbul Appartment

Fifth: Villa Austria

Sixth: Villa Trabzon

Seventh: Istanbul Marter Apartment

Eighth: Istanbul Apartment

Ninth: Mia restaurant

Tenth: Coffee over 82


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5- Why is Smd decoration the best construction company in Turkey ?

  • One of the advantages of contracting with Smd Decoration in Turkey lies in the fact that it provides support during the implementation phase through distinguished engineering supervision.
  • Smd Decoration offers free advice from experts and specialists in home decoration and finishes regarding color matching and suitability.
  • Smd Decoration uses highly qualified technical and technical staff, which in turn guarantees customers accuracy in design and quality in implementation and supervision.
  • Smd Decoration focused  on designing the best modern designs with great craftsmanship, relying on the high efficiency of its engineers, as they form the backbone of the company.
  • Thanks to the unique projects carried out by  Smd Decoration,   it won many awards, and this enabled the company to develop its commercial and financial identity and add projects of great value.
  • Smd Decoration continues to be among the largest construction companies in Turkey, thanks to its half-century experience in the construction, engineering and decoration sectors, the strong link with its customers, the good selection of sites, the engineering and designs of residential and commercial projects, and its commitment to the strictest standards, as the company aims Smd Decoration to maintain its principles and values ​​and to continue its creative approach.


    6- The conclusion.

We always recommend contacting a construction company in Turkey that has a long history in engineering designs and construction experience. Smd Decoration is your appropriate choice, as it aims to fully achieve the goals. 

With its integrity and ethics in dealing, it made it sit on the throne of companies, as the best construction company in Turkey, we advise everyone to deal with it.

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