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Hagia Sophia is an architectural tale from the church to the mosque

Hagia Sophia is an architectural tale from the church to the mosque

Date: 2023/04/20


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction:

Hagia Sophia is an architectural story from the church to the mosque  , a name with a resonant tone, which resonates far and wide around the world, from a church to a mosque, then a museum, then a mosque again, the Hagia Sophia building remains a sign of nobility and distinction, this amazing building that is of some age Nearly 1,500 years, during which history sailed, starting from the Byzantine Empire, up to the Ottoman rule, it served as a church for Christians for 1,000 years and 500 years as a mosque for Muslims, and this means that Hagia Sophia is an architectural tale from the church to the mosque. It was a house of worship for Christians and Muslim believers for  about 1,500 years have honored both religions with their glory. The Church of Anna Sophia  is a wonderful architectural building and in the architectural achievements of antiquity it was at the height of its splendor, and in Byzantine architecture it was its pearl and in the controversial buildings so far Hagia Sophia was at the top of the list.

Stone buildings may have had a profound impact on architecture, history, religion and politics, which later changed the face of Christian and Islamic architecture and linked eastern and western civilizations to the extent that historians called Hagia Sophia the eighth wonder of the world. The scientist has included the world as an exception to the rule.

And the most controversial after converting it into a mosque at the present time, where a building combines two monotheistic religions and a historical museum, and people were arguing about its origin and direction. He influenced Byzantine architecture and beyond, so cathedrals began to emulate his idea with a large dome supported by other domes. Mosques were influenced by his style, such as the Great Suleiman Mosque, Sultan Ahmed Mosque and others


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2- Full details of   Hagia Sophia, an architectural story from the church to the mosque   .

The Hagia Sophia Mosque is located in Istanbul, more precisely in the Sultan district, and is located next to the famous Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Turkey.

And Hagia Sophia, an architectural story from the church to the mosque, is a Greek word meaning (divine wisdom).

The Hagia Sophia area is a major historical tourist area that attracts thousands of tourists and visitors due to the presence of the ancient Hagia Sophia Mosque in addition to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. 

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And because SMD Decoration   is the most distinguished company  in the art of interior decoration, it takes you, dear reader, on a comprehensive introductory tour of Hagia Sophia in Turkey. Let's go….


Inside Hagia Sophia Mosque

The Hagia Sophia Mosque in Istanbul is a living example that expresses the unique Byzantine architecture, as it is characterized as an example of truly magnificent architecture that has been recognized by some historians as one of the wonders of the world, and for this reason, the Hagia Sophia mosque can be considered a wonderful interior design that changed the architectural history in general.

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Pillars of Hagia Sophia 

Speaking of the interior of the Hagia Sophia Mosque, it is impossible not to mention the columns of Hagia Sophia, which are the main columns of the Hagia Sophia Mosque. These huge green marble columns are among the oldest columns in the history of architecture.


Reliefs in Hagia Sophia 

We continue our tour of Hagia Sophia, an architectural story from the church to the mosque  from the inside, and we get acquainted with the inscriptions of Hagia Sophia, where some paintings of the Byzantine period decorated the facades of Hagia Sophia from the inside, where we find the image of Christ and the image. Blessed Virgin.

After the conquest of Constantinople, the Turks added a group of Quranic paintings to decorate the Hagia Sophia Mosque from the inside, and four huge inscriptions were placed on the four main pillars of the Hagia Sophia Mosque. 

3- The story of  Hagia Sophia, an architectural story from the church to the mosque       .

As for the story of Hagia Sophia and its transformation into a church, museum, and mosque, it is very interesting and entertaining, as it allows you to sail into the depths of ancient history and leaves you amazed and wondering what remains of traces so that we people in the past know how great the people of the ancestors were, so that we can educate each other about the history of Hagia Sophia is an architectural tale from the church to the mosque  

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The story of Hagia Sophia

Built  in honor of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I, the Sophia Church in Turkey remained the center  of Orthodoxy for more than 900 years before the Crusaders converted it into a Roman Catholic cathedral during their reign. And the Crusaders turned it into a Roman Catholic cathedral during their fourth campaign, before it was returned again to the Byzantine Empire.

Hagia Sophia was converted from a church into a mosque

Constantinople disobeyed the Muslims for many years, but in the end Constantinople was opened to the Ottomans at the hands of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, then the Sophia Church in Turkey was transformed.

  Later on to a mosque and Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror performed the first Friday prayer after that. 


The Hagia Sophia Mosque in Turkey, which was called the "Great Mosque", remained the main and basic mosque, and this is until the date of the construction of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, known as the Blue Mosque. 

Converting the Hagia Sophia Mosque into a museum

Hagia Sophia in Istanbul remained an Islamic center of great value and importance, and Hagia Sophia became associated in the minds of Muslims and beyond with the conquest of Constantinople, later with a decision by Mr. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk to convert the Hagia Sophia Mosque into the National Museum

Converting the Hagia Sophia Museum into a mosque

The Hagia Sophia Museum was converted into a mosque by a decision of the Supreme Administrative Court, through which it annulled the decision that stipulated the conversion of the Hagia Sophia from a mosque to a museum, and since then the Hagia Sophia Mosque in Turkey has been referred to the Presidency of Turkish Religious Affairs and restored to a mosque in the first place and carrying out all his affairs.





4- Hagia Sophia, an architectural story from the church to the mosque, and its details from SMD Decoration   , and the services provided by it.    

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