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Bathroom Fashion: One of the articles that caught my eye and wanted to highlight is about bathroom fashion for the year 2017/2018.

At first glance, the bathroom may seem to be the dull and unfamiliar place in the house.

But if you are thinking about design then this part of the house is where you will spend a lot of your time designing.

What are the trends for the coming year when it comes to bathroom design, colors and materials? What will the style be?

Is it trendy? elegant? What are the latest creations and innovations of the most famous designers and brands?

In our article today, we will sail together in the fashion of 2017/2018 in bathroom designs, and what are the most prominent elements used in fashion in decoration?

1. Mix natural materials to create something new and exciting:

Well, first keep in mind that 2017 will be a return to organic and nature.

So when it comes to bathroom design, the trend will be super clean colors, smooth lines and a practical and simple arrangement in the distribution of furniture, taking into account the comfort and elegance of the bathroom.

So let's flow imagination and creativity into the design of bathrooms.

2. Continuity:


Making your life more fun and innovative with materials that are easy to maintain and fit, dynamic selection can also be fun and create lines in the design for movement and dynamism.

3. Mix and Mix - Be Bold:

When one uses a combination of modern materials with natural materials, it creates a dynamic atmosphere that creates a clean and elegant sensation.

The combination of wood, stone and synthetics is very clever, suitable for many design formulas.

In the photo above, the materials are laid out in a mix between the warmth of wood and the brilliance of ceramic tile.

4. Precision Makes Design Easier:

Creating ease with design can be difficult, but one should consider an elegant look, which gives the feeling that the bathroom is a scheme that needs more attention and meticulousness in its details.

This balanced atmosphere can be achieved when there is a mixture of elegance and modernity, simplicity and warmth, innovation and nature.

The main goal in the design of bathrooms is quality.

Many designers were invited to design unique and new bathroom furniture pieces that are distinguished by their materials, shapes and functionality.

The idea was to see through the eyes of the designer the value of water in our surroundings. There was a strong presence of natural materials with the inclusion of green living plants in the ambiance of the bathrooms to give a beautiful touch in the design.

5. The most important materials used in the design for the year 2017/2018:

One of the modern and fashionable materials in SUBWAY TILES, which have bold colors and soft touches in execution on the walls.

The second material is the marble cladding for walls and metal accessories in shapes of copper and gold.

In copper and marble, an elegant return to the days of the seventies, they are an aesthetic combination for modern bathrooms.

In proper coordination stones such as travertine and quartz.

6. Simplicity in the lines and bathroom furniture:

When it comes to the size and shape of the bathroom, the sinks are chosen according to the contemporary fashion in the decor. Day after day, simplicity becomes a title. We see that the design lines become softer and more simple with modern strokes, and these are some of the designs that caught our attention.

There are many shops in Turkey, and large international companies are taking into account the new models in the current year 2018